Why 2014 is THE year to reconsider education leasing.

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Why 2014 is THE year to reconsider education leasing

In October the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) warned that recent cuts to education funding represented the largest since the 1950s, but today’s students (and teachers) are demanding ever more from cash-strapped educational facilities; both in terms of educational experience and up-to-date resources.
The national curriculum also reflects the need for change and asks schools to consider …

“an ICT curriculum that engages pupils and equips them with the skills and knowledge needed for further study and the 21st century workplace.”

And as we all know, the government has also introduced a plan to create a new workforce of coders through exposing students to ‘techy’ technology from an early age (as young as five), and continues to place ICT at the core of learning.

This is combined with the ambition of Ofsted’s Chief Inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw, who for 2014 calls for establishments to

“…accelerate progress so that the education system could match the best in the developed world”.

So how can education facilities with limited funding achieve better academic standards while also reassuring staff, parents and students that they have the best resources available?

The answer lies in leasing this year. Yes, we know that leasing has had bad press over the past few years with inflexible contracts and hidden end-of-lease costs. However, there’s a new generation of leasing companies out there that are offering educational establishments great opportunities to lease equipment whilst remaining transparent, honest, reliable and affordable. We are proud of this and we are banging our drum about it!

Here are our quick tips on what to look for when choosing a leasing company:

  • Your education establishment should not be treated like business, you have different requirements and challenges
  • On balance you receive the greatest amount of savings possible but with the best, most personalised service
  • A long-term relationship is envisioned and not just a short-term contract
  • The contracts process is described to you in full and dedicated business advisers are on hand to help you before and after you sign – as well as throughout the contract
  • Your leased equipment has eco-credentials and the lessors have planned to safely retrieve and data cleanse equipment when the contract ends
  • There’s a great after-care service package and excellent customer service
  • There are absolutely NO hidden costs – giving you a nasty surprise and internal repercussions!


Leasing is a great way to save precious pounds and develop your school’s resources, while being able to focus on other requirements such as staff or building repairs too. By choosing a reputable company who has the goal of developing a long-standing leasing relationship with you through honest, transparent and affordable solutions, you are giving yourself the very best chance of surviving dramatic cuts whilst still achieving academic excellence. Plus it will ease those agonising decisions about what you can or cannot afford.

A new year brings new challenges as well as opportunities, especially in education where change is a constant. It might be time to revisit leasing in 2014 – you may have dismissed it outright previously and possibly with good cause! But things have changed in the education leasing world and by dismissing leasing a second time around you may be missing out on some clever funding calculations.

Download and share with your colleagues and governors, our Ten reasons why 2014 is THE year for education leasing and you will learn:

>> How leasing can improve academic standards and Ofsted scores
>> Why leasing is the most cost-effective solution in today’s financial climate
>> Who benefits from leasing
>> What kind of service you should expect to receive
>> Which types of equipment you can lease (there are many options)
>> Advice for your leasing journey

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