Business Car Leasing Explained

Business Car Leasing Explained Benefits of Business Car Leasing Company cars can be expensive to operate and, for many organisations, can be one of the largest overhead costs. Selecting the most appropriate business car finance method for the company fleet is therefore of paramount importance. The most popular method of financing company cars is business car leasing. It is attractive to companies both large and small, as it allows them to finance their vehicles with a minimum down [...]

Coding in the classroom: Access to IT Equipment in Schools

Coding in the Classroom Financing IT Equipment in Schools As the BBC takes on the task of distributing micro:bits to make teaching coding in schools that little bit more accessible, it is becoming easier for pupils in schools to really get to grips with computer programming. The pocket-sized micro:bit has been given out to one million 11 and 12 year olds throughout the UK, and can be used in conjunction with websites and other [...]

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Future technology for schools

Can we foresee future technology for schools? It has taken a long time for IT to be accepted in the school classroom. For many traditionalists who believed in the sanctity of the text book and blackboard, the novelty of a laptop and an iPad has often been seen as simply a distraction in a real learning environment. But now as we look back with hindsight it is clear that because digital communication, information sources [...]

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