Upgrading Your IT? 5 Tips For Disposing of Your Old IT Equipment

Upgrading Your IT? 5 Tips for Disposing of Old Computers How to Recycle Old IT Equipment As one of the fastest growing streams of waste in Europe, old electrical equipment is becoming a landfill nightmare. The average lifespan of corporate IT equipment spans only two or three years, so recycling computers and ensuring you dispose of old computers correctly is paramount to sustainability.   You also have to ensure that your company stays compliant with [...]

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Why Choose Leasing? The Definitive Guide For Schools

Why Choose Leasing? The Definitive Guide For Schools Thinking about leasing as a means to access up-to-date equipment for your school? The following guide has been written to help school staff, head teachers, and school managers make an informed decision on their school’s finance options, especially when it comes to replacing old IT equipment in order to keep up with increasing demand to integrate new IT equipment to lesson plans across all faculties. We’ve [...]

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Tech Watch: Technology to Improve the Efficiency of Your Office

Tech Watch: Technology for Increasing Productivity in the Office Improve Office Efficiency Using Technology As a human resource manager or business owner, you are likely to be  concerned about the productivity of your employees at some point. You will want to look at ways to improve office efficiency. Productivity within the office is one of the most important factors for an efficient business, as time is money. But how can a business increase productivity? [...]

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