Education Leasing: Our Top Dos and Don’ts

Education Leasing: Our Top Dos and Don’ts Schools inevitably want to provide their students with the best possible equipment in order to help them accomplish their expected grades as well as all the skills they require before leaving the education system. In order to do this, head teachers have the arduous task of finding high quality equipment – sports equipment, catering equipment, minibuses, computers and tablet devices – at the right price. Where schools [...]

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What Is Leasing? | Definition Of Leasing

What Is Leasing? What Is the Definition of Leasing and What Are the Basic Principles? Leasing has been around for a while, in fact it can be traced back at least 3,000 years to the Babylonian Empire. So you might expect there to be a very clear definition of leasing. Well actually even after all these years, there’s still room for a little healthy debate! A Brief History of Leasing What everyone agrees [...]

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