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7 Tips for Avoiding Car Lease Penalties

Preventing Car Leasing Penalty Charges Whether you have a personal contract hire (PCH) or business lease, doing what you can during the term of the agreement to mitigate penalties at the end, is going to save you money. Avoiding car lease penalties isn't as hard as you may think. Here are a few quick tips to avoid end-of-contract leasing penalties: 1 – Keep an eye on your mileage Going over your mileage is [...]

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Robots in Industry

Robots in Industry - a Good or Bad Thing? Every day and in every walk of life, technology is rapidly advancing. We’re all well-used to computers, mobile phones, even virtual and augmented reality. The sphere of manufacturing is no different. Of course, here too computers take a central role, but also there’s been a huge world-wide increase in the use of robots in industry and other fields generally. The beginnings of robots in [...]

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Antivirus Software for Schools

Which Antivirus Software is Best for Your School Devices? The internet can be a dangerous place to navigate without the proper antivirus software, or know-how. There are many threats on the internet and users who are not prepared could have a lot of problems. This is particularly true for students, especially in secondary schools, who may not know what dangers lurk on the internet or how to look after themselves properly. As a [...]

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Is Your Network Safe?

Cyber-Crime 5 types of cyber-attack and how to combat them Pretty much everyone has heard of cyber-crime, hacking, malware, spyware etc at some point in their interaction with the internet, but what can these things really mean to the individual or organisation? Quite a lot. Being the victim of cyber-crime can result in a whole heap of trouble, ranging from annoying but pretty harmless right through to having your banking login and passwords [...]

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One-To-One Devices in Schools

The Pros and Cons of One-to-One Devices in Schools The term one-to-one device usage (also known as mobile or 1:1 devices) refers to the practice in educational establishments, such as schools, of allowing students to use an electronic device to access digital content, the internet or digital textbooks. One-to-one devices will include laptops, tablets and Chromebooks. Some schools have a “bring your own device” policy, which encourages or requires students to use their [...]

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Latest Asset Finance Market Report

Asset Finance Figures Increase Despite all the market uncertainties surrounding the are-we-in-or-are-we-out Brexit fiasco, asset finance figures have been achieving ever-higher levels of new business overall. Record new business The March 2019 report from the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA) shows a record level of monthly new business of £3.7 billion. That’s up 11% on March 2018. Taking Q1 2019 as a whole, new asset finance business also increased by 11% over Q1 [...]

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Mobile Devices in School

The Pros and Cons of Allowing Mobile Devices in School Nick Gibb, the schools minister, recently called for a ban on mobile devices in school due to a desire to limit the time children spend online At the moment, it is the head teacher’s decision whether to ban mobile phones at school or not, and opinions are split on the matter.  Many people see  mobiles and tablets as useful and positive learning tools [...]

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The Right School Equipment

Do You Have the Right School Equipment this Year? Due to constant financial pressure on schools, it is not a surprise that schools are struggling to update their equipment to run new courses for each upcoming year. The DfE (Department for Education) and Ofsted (The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills) have piled on more pressure for schools in terms of league tables, student welfare and student progression. Whatever the course [...]

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Windows 7 Support Withdrawal

The Withdrawal of Windows 7 Support and the Effect on Schools After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will withdraw Windows 7 support. This operating system (OS) is a popular choice for a lot of secondary schools in the UK. However, once Windows 7 support ends, PCs will become more vulnerable to security risks and schools will no longer receive security and feature updates. Windows 7 can still be installed and activated after support has ended, [...]

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