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Funder for school leasing: It’s not just IT

With the recession causing many purse strings to tighten in a wide range of sectors and industries, it’s easy to be put off investing in your business. But what about the areas and subjects that need updating constantly? What if someone’s growth and development depended on it?

Of course, schools have to be run according to strict budgeting and the threat of budget cuts is ever present despite promised ring fencing. As a funder for school leasing, we know the importance of investing in the tools that will enable your staff to grow as well as the importance of equipment that will further pupils’ development and engagement while allowing them to reach their full potential.

Technology in education

We can help with addressing the importance of keeping abreast of the technological needs of your faculty and students. Tablets, desktop PCs, servers – these all play a huge role in education and development. Increasingly, tools such as tablets are seen as an educational advantage, bridging the gap between school time and home time, helping to connect teachers and students in new ways and assisting with rising engagement levels. Servers, which were once the preserve of the tech start up, can increasingly be put to work in an educational institution. They can help to preserve and store data, throwing up new learning opportunities and super charging classroom capabilities.

Not just IT leasing

While a lot of investment in schools is concerned with IT needs, a funder for school leasing will also look at other essential areas. Logistical equipment such as minibuses and other travel necessities also play a large part in helping the student body to maximise their time in school and can be acquired through a lease agreement alongside computers and tablets.

If you’ve been thinking about leasing, we’re the people to talk to. Leasing brings together the opportunity to enrich your facilities and tools with an option that is more financially viable than buying outright. Plus, IT leasing means that you aren’t committing to a bulk order of equipment and software that will soon be outdated – instead, we’ll provide you with the equipment to help your pupils excel. And when the leasing period is over, the equipment can be returned.

Understanding education

Our business model works with an Education Act compliant operating lease, rather than a finance lease. Due to the subtle differences between the two, many schools have signed up to finance leases, unaware that these may be illegal under the Education Act.

At Maxxia, we keep you informed every step of the way with regards to all processes and costs to give you absolute peace of mind. If you’re interested in finding out more about your leasing options and how a funder for school leasing can make a difference from the computer room to the sports fields, get in touch.

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