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Funding IT equipment without the sting

Given the constant improvements and developments in workplace technology, the sting is not necessarily in the funding, but in the risk of not having the technology needed to compete in the marketplace. No organisation ever wants to concede that it doesn’t have the equipment or tools to remain competitive. So, every business needs to make the best choice in regards to finding a way to fund the IT equipment it needs.

The right finance option

Finance lease, operating lease, hire purchase, loan or outright purchase? There are plenty of options to consider. But when it comes to choosing a finance solution, factors which will need to be reviewed in-depth are capital investment, the affect on cash flow, risk to the business and operating costs. Choosing a finance solution that meets all of your organisation’s needs will make it a great deal easier to secure approval from the board for your next purchase.

For example, an asset finance solution would allow your organisation to purchase all of the latest IT technology with…

  • no capital investment needed
  • no affect on company cash flow
  • minimal risk to the business
  • manageable monthly operating costs
  • no worries about servicing or maintenance

Speak to the specialists

If you utilise the skills of an expert asset financing organisation, then they would help you find exactly what you need to achieve your business targets. The best technology at the best price and financed in the best way would be the goal of the financing company.

Preparing for technology of the future

To ensure you know what’s round the corner for your business in regards to future technology and how it can help you streamline processes, reduce costs and improve your bottom line, we’ve created an ebook…

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