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Leasing can improve your Ofsted score…and your reputation

According to recent reports by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) we are currently experiencing the worst educational spending fall in the UK since the 1950s. However, these cuts haven’t curtailed the ambition and expectations of the government and the national curriculum to achieve better standards of academic excellence, from primary schools all the way up to FE institutions.

The national curriculum asks schools to consider “…an ICT curriculum that engages pupils and equips them with the skills and knowledge needed for further study and the 21st century workplace.”
Not only this, but Michael Gove at the recent BETT conference said the following:

“…demand for high-level skills will only grow in the years ahead. In work, academia and their personal lives, young people will depend upon their technological literacy and knowledge.”

So the education system is expecting more technological prowess to come from schools and institutions than ever before BUT during an atmosphere of continued austerity for many educational sectors – is this achievable? We discuss the options that are available to you and the inherent risks of doing nothing…

The risks

When it comes to inspection time, Ofsted will be sure to scrutinise the ICT resources you have available to your students. They will ask hard questions when faced with outdated and obsolete machinery that does not fit with the perceived modern teaching practices of today.

Your reputation as a quality educator could be at risk if you aren’t providing the necessary up-to-date equipment for students to develop their skill-sets, and this could directly affect your overall Ofsted score, as well as your respectability in the eyes of your stakeholders.

The alternatives

All very doom and gloom, but how can cash-strapped institutions improve their Ofsted scores and overall academic reputation?

Well, one way would be to gather all your funding together to pay for new equipment, but this means that you’ll have little else to spend on other things your school may need. In addition you’ll be tied into the new equipment as you’ll want to get complete value for money, so you may end up using it long past its useful life. If teaching technologies change in the meantime, you won’t have the funds to respond to these changes.

Another way is to consider leasing as a strategy.

Why leasing?

Investing in educational equipment through leasing is a viable alternative to spending a sizeable chunk of your budget on new equipment, and it will mean that you can future-proof your resources while freeing up vital funds to spend on other educational requirements (facility expansions, staff recruitment etc.).

With better equipment you will be able to deliver better services, improving your reputation as an excellent education provider. And when it comes to inspection time, your investment in technology will go down very well with Ofsted, possibly increasing your school’s overall score.

Choosing to lease might concern you as you’ve heard some stories or had instances in the past where leasing hasn’t been up to scratch. Choosing a reputable leasing company, who works with you to determine your requirements, means that any dealings and subsequent solutions will be tailored to your individual needs, and will be transparent, honest and affordable.

And it’s not just ICT resources; you can also lease vehicles and other equipment too.

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