Leasing iPads For Your School Could Be Cheaper Than Buying

Leasing iPads for your school rather than buying them outright makes good economic sense. When the inevitable hardware upgrades are released, you will not be forced to either buy the new models or start the backwards slide down the technology slope.

At one time, schools may have been apprehensive about leasing iPads or other types of ICT equipment.  Now, however, they are much more aware of the benefits.  For example, when looking to equip each student with a new iPad, purchasing may be out of the question. Leasing can make even a large asset stock affordable.

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Why lease rather than buy your iPads?

There are many reasons why leasing can be far more advantageous than purchasing and here are just a few of them, based upon a rental agreement of three years:

  • After three years, your iPads are likely to be out of date and finding room in your budget to buy a new stock may be impossible.
  • Three-year-old-plus iPads may develop problems with battery life or may not be compatible with newer operating systems or apps.
  • Having a large quantity of outdated iPads in use is going to be of little financial, educational or reputational benefit for the school.

Choosing your operating lease

The Department of Education clearly states that:

“An operating lease is the only type of lease a school should enter in to. These leases involve the school paying a rental fee for the hire of an asset for a period of time, and are similar to a rental agreement. No other types of lease, such as a finance lease or hire purchase, may be entered in to by the school as this is a form of borrowing.”

So with this in mind, you need to rent your iPads via an operating lease.  This brings with it many advantages when compared to purchasing outright.

  • A carefully chosen operating lease can cost a lot less over a two or three-year period than purchasing the iPads outright, sometimes saving as much as 10%.
  • The total cost of your ICT project can be converted into a fixed rental payment. This way, the school’s cash flow is far more manageable and the whole project more affordable.
  • Because costs are fixed on a annual or quarterly basis, budgeting becomes easy.

When your lease ends

At the end of the rental period, the iPads remain the property of the lease company.  This means that your school can decide to:

  • Return the equipment to them and take out a new lease for brand new and updated models
  • Continue to rent the same equipment with a secondary lease agreement
  • Purchase the equipment at residual market value


As can be seen, iPad leasing for schools makes a lot of sense. Leasing carries with it many advantages and, overall, can save your school a lot of money.

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  1. Alex hall November 14, 2018 at 8:51 pm - Reply

    Please could you provide an initial quote for leasing 210 iPads and maybe a small number of laptops. Additional information as to the overall service package would also be useful.

    Kind regards

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