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Our top 3 weird and wonderful asset finance solutions

Whenever people think of asset leasing they usually associate it with cars, commercial vehicles, plant & machinery and IT equipment.  But the fact is you can secure an asset finance solution for just about anything – within reason.

Exactly what denotes within reason is basically up to the discretion of the leasing company which is going to provide the money and ultimately takes the risk for financing your asset.  So it should come as no surprise that you are likely to be far more successful applying for finance for a vehicle that will provide years of service and aid your business goals than for an executive Jacuzzi.

Having said that, we never cease to be surprised at some of the requests that we have come across over the years. So we asked around the company and came up with the following rather unusual assets that the Maxxia team has encountered.

Below are our top 3 unusual finance deals and a list of some of the also-rans:

Our top 3 unusual finance solutions

1. HMS Bounty

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The Maxxia team may come with many years of experience, but not enough to have financed the original HMS Bounty which was burned and sunk off the Pitcairn Islands by the mutineers over 200 years ago.

This asset finance solution was for a three-masted replica of the original 18th-century ship and was commissioned for the 1962 film Mutiny on the Bounty which starred Trevor Howard as Captain Bligh and Marlon Brando as Fletcher Christian. Constructed by Smith and Ruhland in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, it was built specifically for filming and was constructed with unusually large rooms; as a result the ship went on to star in many other films including Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean, Treasure Island, Yellow Beard, Pirates, and SpongeBob SquarePants, The Movie.

Sadly, on 29 October 2012 the ship was sunk off the coast of North Carolina after getting caught in the high seas brought on by Hurricane Sandy.

2. A fish

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Not just any old fish, we are talking about an extremely rare tropical fish worth a cool £13,000!

Suffice to say that the agreement included some very strict stipulations about its upkeep and care, even down to what animals, if any, would be allowed to share its aquarium! (Guess that’s piranha fish out of the question then.)

3. A herd of cows

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Dairy cows can cost anything from around £400 up to £1,200, depending on the breed, the age and productivity of the cow. Some of the breeds such as Holsteins produce a great deal of milk and as a result are far more expensive than say an Ayrshire, so buying a complete herd can quickly add up into many £000s. We bet they had to moo-ve heaven and earth to seal the deal for this client.

And the also-rans…

  • Straight to DVD film
  • Crematorium furnaces
  • Seating at a Championship football club
  • Floodlights for a major cricket ground
  • North sea oil pipe line
  • Recording studio
  • Night Club interior outfitting
  • Bloodstock
  • A submarine!

Asset finance for virtually anything

So that the next time you need finance for a seemingly unusual asset, after viewing the list above it may not seem so strange after all.

The Maxxia team is comprised of experts from the field of corporate and asset finance; our highly experienced professionals have extensive knowledge of the financial services industry and all its complexities.

We are entrepreneurial, passionate about business and driven by a desire to deliver outstanding results and can help you find finance for just about anything…

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