What is Asset Finance? Learn All You Need to Know

Confusing? Asset finance is pretty simple, but sometimes the terminology can be complicated.

The industry uses jargon which can leave people a bit muddled, especially as some of the types of asset finance have names which sound very similar to one another. And at times, you might find different terms are used interchangeably or abbreviated, e.g. HP for hire purchase.

We know that there are many questions being asked about asset finance, from a simple ‘what […]

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Consumer Car Finance Explained

With so many new car finance deals available, from such a wide range of providers, it can be difficult to know which option to choose. In this blog we guide you through some of the key questions you need to answer, to discover what type of finance best meets your needs.

Do you have sufficient savings to buy a new car outright?

In today’s climate of very low savings interest rates, if you’re lucky enough to […]

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What Will 2020 Bring for UK Businesses?

2020 is already promising to be a busy year for businesses in the UK, but especially for SMEs. Brexit has been the main topic of interest for what seems like forever, but in 2020 there are going to be several other areas of interest other than Brexit. There’s lots of employment and legal issues companies will have to tackle, such as tax changes, an increase in the minimum wage and the various problems with […]

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Asset Finance Industry Reaching Record Levels

The Future is Bright for Asset Finance

This year has been relatively positive for those in asset finance in the UK, in spite of political uncertainty around the recent general election and Brexit. Latest statistics reveal positive news for the industry as new figures from the Finance & Leasing Association show that asset finance for new business (primarily leasing and hire purchase) has grown by 2% in […]

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Annual Investment Allowance Deadlines

Don’t Miss Out on Your Annual Investment Allowance

It has been almost a year since Phillip Hammond introduced the most generous Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) increase. In January 2019, the new £1 million allowance limit came into force which delivers 100% tax relief in the year of purchase on the cost of a wide range of assets, including plant and machinery, LCVs, HGVs and other commercial vehicles. The allowance is available for the vast majority […]

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How to Lease Construction Equipment

Using old construction equipment on your project can not only slow down your efficiency, it can also be downright dangerous. Construction vehicles live a gruelling life and making sure that your workers are using up-to-date machinery is important in maintaining health and safety, as well as keeping a competitive edge. Plant can be very expensive to buy so how can you keep up with the needs of your business? Have you considered leasing construction […]

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Maxxia Rises up the FN50 Table

FN50 Improvements Underline Maxxia’s Broader Growth

The fleet industry’s flagship publication, “Fleet News”, recently published its FN50 league table of business vehicle funding companies.

Over the last few years, Maxxia has gone from being outside of the table, to gaining a foothold, and then rising up through the ranks.

In November, Maxxia leapt from position 38 (2018) to 30 (2019).

The increasing number of vehicles that Maxxia takes residual value risk on has increased as new clients have […]

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The Maxxia Group Named Best Asset Finance Provider

Last night, the Maxxia Group, which consists of Anglo Scottish Asset Finance, Capex Asset Finance, CLM Fleet Management, European Vehicle Contracts and Maxxia, won an award at the “Lending Awards” event organised by Shard Media and the Credit Strategy publication, and sponsored by Experian.

Maxxia Group was crowned as the “Best Asset Finance Provider” from a shortlist of seven.

The judges considered a submission from the Group that […]

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