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Real world examples | Asset management solutions

Having innovative IT asset management solutions that helps you to manage your IT equipment pretty important when you specialise in delivering cloud infrastructure management.

A leading UK managed IT services provider, which helps customers to navigate the evolutionary stages of their computing environment at a sustainable pace, as they move towards affordable, scalable virtual and cloud-based solutions. It works in partnership with companies that rely on IT for growth, to deliver technology services that align with business strategy and enable change, innovation and agility across the entire IT infrastructure from network connectivity and resilient data centre to virtual desktop services.

So how does the company that advises everyone else on managing IT manage its own?

The complexity of the IT network across multiple sites and devices – from desktops to laptops, smart phones and tablets – can be a challenging for senior management and procurement teams.

Knowing a great deal about the IT industry, the company went for a solution that provided it with asset management solutions that gives access to full information about its IT leases at any time.  The asset management tool supports the overall financing process which includes a 12-month credit line allowing the client the safety net of immediate, no-hassle finance.

More than 1,000 pieces of IT equipment valued at £2 million have so far been processed efficiently this way.  The asset management solutions give a pre and post-lease analysis that highlights what a client is predicted to spend compared to what is actually paid at the end of term. Quarterly consolidation of invoices as opposed to customers having to agree hundreds of supplier bills makes the process easier to manage and reduces costs over the period of the lease.

These IT asset management solutions extent to the end of lease and include end of life compliance and the data protection and brand reputational issues involved in disposal. Ensuring that sensitive data is erased from hardware is carefully taken care of.

The explosion of smart technology will mean that by 2016, two-thirds of the workforce will be using smart phones in their day job and existing security standards combined the EU Directive on data protection will require more rigorous and robust data removal protocols.

The leasing industry average for returned IT equipment at the end of the lease is 20 per cent. Our solution is more than 80 per cent with 95 per cent of what is returned given a new lease of life – including compliant data erasure and the guarantee of 10 more years of productive life rather than being sent for landfill.

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