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Sustainable IT. Small steps to help reduce your carbon footprint

IT leasing is not just about renting office equipment to take PCs and laptops off the balance sheet. For many businesses it has become a mission-critical tool helping to deliver dramatic cost, and increasingly, environmental savings.

The global supply chain carries a lot of environmental baggage with a carbon footprint that covers the planet as billions of tonnes of freight creates millions of metric tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Sustainability has therefore become a key issue for a market leader in international freight, which methodically measures every line of its business in 750 sales and service offices in 120 countries to optimise performance and annually reduce costs and emissions.

With over 10,000 employees and a myriad of IT solutions in multiple locations, working with an innovative leasing partner that helps the business’s environmental programmes was critical.

This partnership approach has enabled the company to focus upon its core business – improving the international flow of cargo and managing it IT equipment from procurement to eco-friendly disposal.

The complexity of the IT network across multiple sites and devices – from desktops to laptops, smart phones and tablets – can be a global headache for senior management and procurement teams. IT leasing has also created its own negative press because few providers offer transparent advice on whole life IT leasing and support sustainable IT.

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