• Streamlining your IT asset management process

Spend less time managing IT assets and more time developing infrastructure

Almost two-thirds (64%) of manual inventory/asset searches within a business take 30 minutes or longer – emsbarcode.com

The economy is improving and businesses are growing; a direct result of which is always an increase in assets. As organisations expand and acquire new staff, there is always a greater need for tools, equipment and technology. Typically this would involve a member of the IT team sourcing the best IT equipment, then registering it as a company asset before its installed and ready to use. This may be manageable if it’s only one new employee, but what if it’s 10 or 20. This one member of IT staff is now devoting huge amounts of their time to nothing but finding, registering and installing new IT equipment.

Better use of resources

When you are paying a highly skilled IT technician a large salary to spend their time simply sourcing computers, it’s not good value for money. The knowledge and expertise they have is being wasted on low-end menial tasks. As we have discussed previously in this blog, the key to spending less time on IT asset management is people, processes and technology. By automating and updating certain processes it’s possible to reduce the time needed to carry out these jobs and therefore free-up your expert staff for more important matters.

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When businesses grow, it’s not just new equipment they need; they also need to address the large-scale infrastructure and network capabilities. This task requires highly experienced and expert IT technicians to review, update and amend the system where they feel it’s necessary. Unfortunately, in some instances this may not be possible as IT staff have been reduced to sourcing new equipment and registering new additions.

The alternative

The alternative to this resource-intensive process is to utilise the skills of a specialist asset finance organisation. Not only will they provide you with manageable monthly costs; they’ll also help you source the equipment you need and provide you with an asset management tool. This innovative piece of software will track the whereabouts of your IT items, manage their scheduled servicing plans and alert you when they are approaching the end of their life.

When the equipment does start failing to meet your operational requirements, you can simply update the lease and the asset finance company will quickly and efficiently swap your old IT equipment for the latest versions. It couldn’t be easier.

Most importantly, this alternative funding and asset managing solution will remove many of the laborious tasks which are costing you the benefit of your IT teams’ expertise. Manage your IT assets in the easiest way and let your IT specialists do what they do best… enabling the effective growth of your business.

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>> Streamlining your IT asset management process

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