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Leasing and Streamlining ICT Funding in Schools

The necessity for computer technology within the education sector in 2015 has become as fundamental to the learning environment as the school curriculum itself. Whereas ICT was initially seen as a tool for merely accessing information, it has now become an intrinsic part of the learning process and important for all children. From interactive teaching and new lessons such as coding, to the growth of pre-loaded iPads and the influx of apps designed for education, this is clearly a revolution that mirrors technology advances in society.

But as most educators and school funders will be aware, understanding this complex constantly-changing industry can be quite overwhelming. Trying to apply what is often limited knowledge to the task of allocating a budget, hitting financial goals and keeping up to date with essential changes in technology can be a bit of a nightmare. The issues to consider when buying computer technology, whether it is servers and networks or computer suites and mobile devices, are numerous.

ICT equipment can leave a massive hole in the annual school budget. What makes the buying process even more troubling is that just like a car, as soon as your ICT equipment leaves the shop, it is already ageing and depreciating in value. As the Department for Education continues to insist upon the new computer science curriculum for schools, the ever increasing requirements for the ICT budget will inevitably mean other essential funded resources will lose out.

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Leasing IT equipment can offer benefits in the long term and the short term. The most obvious advantage is it will reduce the ever-spiralling ICT budget and retain funds which could be spent elsewhere. Due to the fact that available monies are now spread over a wider time band, you have more finances at your disposal to ensure you buy in the highest quality ICT equipment available.

According to BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association) over 400,000 school computers are ineffective. By leasing your IT equipment, you are not burdened with the knowledge that your equipment is becoming obsolete and that in a few years you will be faced with buying it all over again. Hardware upgrades can be integrated into the lease plan so you are paying for them in stages rather than in one hit.

In the past, many school budget holders have shied away from the concept of leasing because it adds another layer of complexity to decision making and because some schools have had bad experiences with unscrupulous leasing companies. Maxxia can offer a refreshing solution on both counts. As specialists in IT funding, we do not blind you with science – our goal is to make your customised leasing plan as simple as possible. Our aim as consultants is to guide you through our services and enable you to choose your perfect option.

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