• Time saving asset management

Time-saving IT asset management

64% of businesses conduct manual searches at least once a day to locate inventory or assets

Reducing the time (and resources) spent on IT asset management is dependent on three things; people, processes and technology. Thankfully, by focusing on just the technology requirement, it’s possible to have a dramatic affect on the other two.

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Update and automate

In the same way that a delivery company can track parcels, IT assets can be tracked and managed using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and barcodes. This technology reduces the potential for mistakes and also means that any changes/updates to assets can be logged immediately. So, start by identifying the different automation solutions on the market and also your company’s requirements. Look for the tool which meets all of your needs; and ensure it can measure all of your chosen metrics whilst growing in line with your business.

The direct benefit of this technology is the automation of previously manual tasks. For example, when an asset is scanned, the details are stored directly onto the asset master file… in real-time. This process is now immediate, error-less, trackable and highly efficient. No longer will a member of staff have to locate the IT equipment, make notes of any information and then manually input them into the master file when they return to their office. When it comes to operating this asset management technology, be sure to use only highly-trained and experienced staff in order to generate the best results.

People and processes

By implementing a technological solution to IT asset management, current processes can be dramatically streamlined. For example, the tool can be setup to send notifications when a particular asset is approaching its scheduled service or if certain assets need replacing (such as printer cartridges). This automation is not only a great deal more efficient than previous processes; it’s also error-free meaning that your organisation can function better with less issues and downtime.

As mentioned above, this use of technology can dramatically affect the ‘people’ part of the asset management.  Using just a hand-held barcode or RFID scanner, a single member of staff can now locate, scan and manage assets quickly, easily and efficiently. This therefore reduces the need for multiple staff and thus helps to reduce costs both for the IT department and also the wider organisation.

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