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10 reasons Teachers Want iPads in Schools

It is no secret that computer technology has become fundamental to the learning environment in schools. At first, both the education sector and parents were wary about letting the internet and all its baggage into the classroom. Some felt that it had too many distractors and it would turn a teaching session into a bit of a playground.

But time has proved that it is truly an asset to how our children can learn. At the very least, it allows those essential tools they will find in everyday society into the classroom and, at best, it enhances and boosts education itself. Basically, it cannot be ignored and education, just like every other sector, is learning to harness its assets rather than see it as a demon that must be kept at bay. What concerns teachers more nowadays is how to fund ICT in the classroom.

With the need for new technology, networks and communication systems, there is one device which has become highly sought after in the eyes of the modern teaching profession – the iPad. But what is it about this device that is so suitable for educational requirements?

1. Size is important

Technology moves so fast in the world of computing, we often forget what a revelation the iPad was when it was first released. The first line of tablet computers, it made our 2010 laptops look bulky, awkward, slow and primitive – it still does. And it’s that minimal size and weight, matched with maximum capacity and screen size that makes it so useful for children. Totally mobile for small hands, children can take the iPads home and from class to class with the utmost ease.

2. Battery life

The other great innovation with the iPad was the battery life which, again, adds to its massive flexibility and mobility and releases the child from having to carry around bulky chargers all the time. The iPad has a daylong battery charge.

3. Simplicity

As technology strides ahead everything gets more and more simple. The iPad is cutting edge simple. In most cases children understand the internet and technology more than adults, but there is an extra requirement here that the actual mechanics of the device does not get in the way of the learning process. Time should not be wasted explaining how to extract the learning. Also the child needs to understand the device enough to be able to learn alone.

4. Easy for the student to immerse in the learning

The iPad is a wonderful learning tool. The child becomes very much a part of the whole experience by being able to touch the screen and control their learning and the session. The close connection between the physical touch and digital response brings the child squarely into the 21st Century.

5. Genuine interest in the tool

Technology, computers and the whole digital experience is intrinsic to how young people communicate, socialise and interact. Fashions and trends in the latest mobiles, tablets, laptops and computers are never far from playground talk. The iPad itself is an exciting cutting edge “toy” in some respects – the perfect device to engage excite and trigger learning in the young child.

6. A trusted brand

Whenever an educator or school funder is considering products and services for the new year’s budget they must balance quality with cost. Whereas the iPad has spawned numerous different imitators over the past five years, it still remains the most reliable and robust, efficient and dynamic. Apple is a brand that you do not really question.

7. A package of tools at your finger tips

As expensive as the iPad may seem at first glance it should not be forgotten that it comprises a whole array of functions in one package. This network of functions allows the child to flow easily from using one facility such as e-learning on the internet, to creating a video, downloading apps, taking pictures or creating text in a notepad for their homework.

8. Easy guides

Because the iPad is such a popular device globally, teachers can plug into lots of guides and support websites provided by Apple, itself. With lesser known devices this is much harder to track down and reliability is questionable.

9. Easy to install apps designed for education

There are some great apps available which are easily downloadable especially designed for children in education – and they start from the age of three! Take a look here at some of the top school apps.

10. Easy financing

Just like the most sought after ICT devices on the market, leasing remains an easy and cost efficient way to computer equipment. In the ever-changing world of technology, leasing your quota of iPads for your school means you can spread the cost and makes upgrading simple.  As the budget need for ICT equipment gets ever larger you can spread the load over a greater time span and not impinge on other essential resources.

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