• Guide to Workplace Technology of the Future

Workplace technology of the future

A brief glance around your office at the equipment such as servers, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, network cabling and marketing automation tools and you’ll quickly realise that technology is everywhere. The typical workplace has a vast array of technology that helps enable better communication, efficiency, mobility and staffing. But what does the future hold? What technological advances are on their way to help improve your business? And what is the cost of being left behind?

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Increased storage capacity

Scientists and hardware manufacturers have managed to fill a standard 3.5 inch hard drive with helium and hermetically seal it. ‘So what?’ we hear you ask. Well, as helium is less dense than air; the amount of turbulence created when the internal disks (platters) spin has been dramatically reduced. The result is that it’s now possible to add more disks to the standard-sized hard disk. This means up to 6 terabytes of storage in a 3.5 inch hard drive – that’s 50% more storage and it’s even 23% more power efficient.

Although it’s unlikely that this technology will be available in regular PCs anytime soon, it does mean a potential saving of money and space for organisations that store large amounts of data and require access to it.

Ultra high definition displays

A display that is four times clearer than what we currently refer to as high-definition has been discussed for some time. 4k TVs have been breaking through over the past twelve months, but computer manufacturers have also been implementing the technology. PC monitors that have 4k definition are already available and they are due to make a big impact in the workplace.

With viewing angles in excess of 170 degrees and the potential to display one billion colours, 4k cameras and monitors could make video conferencing a much more valuable tool than it currently is. No longer will salespeople or clients need to travel to meetings. In future, 4k video conferencing will mean it’s like everyone is in the same room… without the need for travel time and cost to the business.

With ultra high definition displays also likely to be popular with any organisation that edits content in video or photographic formats, this technology is going to make a big splash.

Don’t get left behind

Failure to keep up to date with the latest workplace technology could dramatically affect your ability to operate cost-efficiently and stay competitive within the marketplace. With so much at stake and so many technological advances just around the corner (such as wearable technology, voice recognition systems and 3D printers) we’ve created an ebook to help you prepare for the changes that may be in store for your organisation. To find out more…

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