Asset Finance Resources

In this section, we bring you details of the asset finance resources that Maxxia has available. You can use the drop-down menu to search by category, or simply browse through the full list (note there are a number of pages).  Our guides include a look at what finance options best meet the needs of your business, advice on finding the right tools for the job, as well as providing a definitive guide to leasing.

Cyber security for schools

Cyber-Security for Schools

With the frequency of cyber-attacks ever on the increase and the sophistication of them evolving, schools and colleges need to protect their systems from being breached.

This guide will examine many of the major security issues that may concern your school or college, and present coherent strategies to help counter the main types of cyber-attack.

Social Media Safety for Schools

Social Media Safety

Social media is an integral part of modern life, with over three billion users expected by 2021. This worldwide reach translates to the classroom for both students and staff.

To find out more, we’ve surveyed social media policies from schools across the UK, found some interesting insights and noted practical considerations for improving policies in this area.

Ultimate Guide to Asset Finance

Ultimate Guide to Asset Finance

The UK asset finance market has been growing rapidly in recent years, as businesses look for alternative forms of finance that better suit their specific circumstances.

With this popularity in mind, we’ve prepared this guide to give you some useful facts about how asset finance works.