Asset Finance Resources

In this section, we bring you details of the asset finance resources that Maxxia has available. You can use the drop-down menu to search by category, or simply browse through the full list (note there are a number of pages).  Our guides include a look at what finance options best meet the needs of your business, advice on finding the right tools for the job, as well as providing a definitive guide to leasing.

Insider secrets: A guide to equipment funding

Insider secrets: A guide to equipment funding

With budgets tightening and resources becoming even more stretched, are you finding it hard to provide all of the assets you’d like for your students’ individual needs?

To help you, we have listed our top tips on budget friendly ways to get the equipment they need.


reasons to lease

10 reasons why this is THE year for education leasing

Leasing, when done well, is a viable and trustworthy route to paying for all the ICT kit you need, as well as a host of other items – even sports and kitchen equipment. There are realms of possibilities associated with leasing and the spending freedom it brings.

Download this infographic to find out more.


Asset funding options compared

Which finance option is best for your business?

Financing your business equipment can bring many benefits including, streamlining your cash flow and helping to reduce your operating costs with new technology.

There are many finance options available to help your business secure new equipment. To make comparing finance options easy for you, we have put together a handy reference table.