Having a substantial fleet of vehicles is an important factor for many businesses. However, building a fleet can be challenging when buying outright with the full cost being paid at the outset when purchasing business vans leading to a drain on cash flow. With Maxxia’s business van leasing options, you are able to lease a van via a contract hire agreement – spreading the cost with monthly payments and making the process of building your business vehicle fleet much more manageable.

The Benefits Of Leasing a Van For Business Purposes

Budget Management

A business van lease agreement allows you to spread payments over a longer period of time with fixed monthly costs, making budget management easier and removing the need to borrow money for other business necessities.

Reliable Business Vehicles

If you were to purchase business vans outright there’s a chance that you’ll be buying used vehicles or end up keeping your existing vehicles for longer. This can lead to unexpected issues and costs with the risk of worn parts and breakdowns. By leasing your commercial vehicles instead, you’ll be provided with reliable new vans with regular replacement cycles. Save money on repairs and remove the risk of significant downtime periods.

Sale & Leaseback

Maybe your company already owns business vans but you would like to gain access to the benefits that contact hire brings and get a cash injection. Dependent on age and condition, you can sell your owned vehicles and simply lease them back.

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Your End of Lease Options

When you lease a van for business use you may have options at the end of your contract:

Extended Lease Agreement – If the vehicles that you leased proved fit for purpose, you can choose to continue your lease agreement, which will allow you to continue paying monthly costs in return for use of the vehicle for an extended, agreed period of time.

Start a New Lease – This is a great option if you were happy with your business van lease but you want to try a lease on a brand new vehicle, or different size/type of vehicle. You can simply hand your current business van back to the lessor and begin a new commercial van leasing agreement.

Commercial Van Leasing Support Services

As specialists in the field, Maxxia’s experts will provide you with support throughout every step of your business van lease contract, from start to finish.

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