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Minibus Leasing

Looking for the best minibus funding options? It’s not always as simple as it sounds. Sourcing and operating a minibus or a fleet of minibuses comes with the commitment of maintenance, regulations, and passenger safety. That’s why Maxxia is here to help, with our minibus leasing options.

Minibus leasing allows  you the opportunity of spreading the cost of your vehicles as well as professional guidance on the maintenance and management of your fleet. At Maxxia, we’ve streamlined our minibus leasing processes to help you find the best way to finance and manage your vehicles effectively.

Why lease a minibus?

Minibus finance options can be designed to suit your particular circumstances.  There are a variety of minibus lease options that are available, however minibus contract hire is the most popular option. Our team of experts understand that purchasing vehicles outright may not be an option for many businesses and organisations. Without the need to invest a significant amount of capital up front, minibus leasing helps you maintain your cash flow and brings other operational benefits.

Benefits of minibus leasing

  • Low initial payment
  • VAT savings
  • Improved cash flow
  • Flexible minibus lease terms
  • Mileage use to suit your requirements
  • Regular monthly payments over an agreed period of time
  • The option of an outsourced fleet management solution
  • Optional vehicle maintenance and accident management
  • Professional advice from our expert team

With years of experience in minibus finance, sourcing the right vehicles for our customers and providing flexible lease options is our bread and butter. We offer bespoke minibus leasing deals for each of our customers depending on the vehicles required, the budget in place, and the management and guidance needed.

Discuss your minibus funding requirements with one of our expert business car leasing team members today. Whether you want to discuss minibus lease prices or the best options for your business, we can help.