ICT Funding For Schools

IT Finance in the Education Sector

With the growing importance of IT in schools comes the importance of having up-to-date, reliable computer equipment for students. With tight budgets it may be difficult to afford new ICT equipment for your school.

That’s where we can help.

Maxxia offers ICT equipment for schools, with ICT funding plans that won’t put a strain on your budgets. With payments spread out over the duration of the contract, and the possibility of maintenance plans as part of your payments, ICT leasing for your school is a simple solution.

school ICT funding

Why choose ICT leasing for your school?

  • Manage your budget effectivelysmaller payments spread across a longer period, helping you to make your budget go further.
  • Ensure you’re compliantsupport from asset finance experts who will ensure you are financing IT equipment in line with current legislation and local authority requirements.
  • Update IT equipment when neededaccess up-to-date IT equipment without having to find all the funds upfront.
  • Improve your Ofsted scorewith new equipment, new interactive lesson plans have the potential to improve your current Ofsted rating.
  • Rely on the expertise of an ICT finance specialistoutsourced support means you have the right expertise to hand when you need it.
  • Motivate pupils with new IT equipment incorporated into lesson plansget pupils involved with new IT equipment that sparks their interest.

With Maxxia’s ICT funding for schools, new ICT equipment is a viable option. Tailored policies mean that school IT equipment is still an option for many establishments that may not have been able to stretch their annual budgets to previously accommodate new computer equipment.

Leasing IT assets for your classrooms rather than purchasing them means you will have access to the latest computers, tablets and other devices without having to find significant capital upfront. And when you come to the end of your lease, we will explain your options clearly, with expert advice from your contact here at Maxxia.

How Leasing Can Help Our School

Already have existing IT assets?

If you already have existing assets you may be able make use of these when agreeing your lease with Maxxia. With expert advice on the best option for you, and valuations on your current assets, we can help you effectively manage your existing assets and brand new assets to make the most of your annual budget.

Choose the right company for computer leasing for schools

In order to stay compliant with current legislation and local authority requirements, it’s important to ensure that the asset finance company you choose for your ICT funding is experienced and transparent.

At Maxxia our team of experts offer you years of experience in the asset finance sector and an honest approach to your ICT finance policy. We endeavour to provide each of our clients with a flexible approach in order to supply them with the right policy for them – taking into account your objectives, your budget, and your future plans.

Considering other assets for your school?

At Maxxia we regularly work with educational establishments when it comes to funding necessary assets. Whether you need IT equipment, temporary classrooms, catering equipment, minibuses, or otherwise, we can help you formulate an asset finance plan in order to fund the equipment you need.

For more information on ICT funding for schools, or other school leasing options get in touch with our specialist funding experts at Maxxia.

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