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Salary sacrifice car schemes have become a popular part of many organisations’ employee benefit programmes in recent years. By providing access to a salary sacrifice lease car, employers enhance their recruitment performance and find it easier to retain valued members of staff.

At Maxxia, we work closely with our clients to create bespoke salary sacrifice car schemes that meet their specific business objectives.



  • A specialist team of car salary experts ensure smooth implementation and great ongoing service
  • The option of a ‘portable’ salary sacrifice scheme where employees are able to take their car with them should they leave the business – find out more about Lifestyle Lease
  • Complete independence from manufacturers means great deals on a vast range of vehicles
  • Decades of experience in delivering highly successful employee car lease schemes

The decision to introduce a new employee benefit is never taken lightly. The goals of the organisation need to be carefully balanced with the desirability of the benefit to members of staff. Salary sacrifice car leases can deliver an exceptionally attractive benefit at zero cost to the organisation.

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“We wanted to provide our employees with a wider array of flexible benefits, including the option to access new cars via an employee benefit car scheme.

Having looked closely at schemes that were available in the market, we selected Maxxia’s Lifestyle Lease solution as being the most suitable to meet our needs and those of our employees.”

Maureen Biss, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at WESC Foundation


We know that the introduction of any new benefit scheme brings concerns about extra administration. Our car salary sacrifice schemes are designed to make life easy; we manage the entire process from implementation through to delivery and take care of all of your employees’ car related needs.

Our driver assistance service begins with helping employees to choose the right car for their needs, and then guiding them through the order process. We then provide on-going communication about build times and arrange for a convenient delivery time. Beyond delivery we take care of all in-life services, right through to end of contract arrangements.

Here’s a brief summary of how the salary sacrifice scheme works:

  • The organisation decides which staff members will be eligible for the scheme and whether any restrictions on vehicle selection are appropriate.
  • Maxxia then works with employees to select the right vehicle and car lease terms for them.
  • Employees sign an agreement for deductions to be made from their gross salary
  • The vehicle is then ordered and Maxxia arranges for delivery.
  • The employer processes the salary deductions and makes payments to Maxxia.
  • Employees contact Maxxia for all car servicing and maintenance requirements.
  • At the end of the contract, the vehicle is swapped for a new one, handed back or purchased at an agreed value.


There’s nothing quite like taking delivery of a brand new car and, with Maxxia’s car salary sacrifice scheme, employees get to change their car every few years. They also benefit from a complete package of vehicle services throughout the car lease.

  • Corporate levels of discount on brand new vehicles
  • Fixed price, hassle free driving including all servicing, maintenance and tyres
  • The potential to save on tax and National Insurance payments
  • No car disposal issues or future value risks
  • The option to buy the car at the end of the contract, or simply return it and take a new one
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A well-structured salary sacrifice car scheme provides a wide range of benefits to employers. By working with the salary sacrifice car lease experts at Maxxia, organisations are able to gain significant advantages, at no additional cost and with very little administration.

  • A well-designed salary sacrifice car scheme can mean zero risk to the employer
  • Potential for tax savings to the business
  • Helps to mitigate grey fleet and associated duty of care issues
  • A salary sacrifice car lease delivers a significant enhancement to the organisation’s reward package
  • Can enhance the business’ green credentials by encouraging the selection of lower emission cars and alternative fuel vehicles
  • Positive recruitment and retention tool

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A salary sacrifice car lease scheme can bring significant advantages to the vast majority of organisations. Many businesses that have previously considered cash alternatives to company cars have selected salary sacrifice car leases to avoid the risks associated with drivers using private cars for business journeys. Others choose a salary sacrifice car scheme to expand the number of employees that are eligible for a car benefit.

Things to consider about your salary sacrifice car scheme:

  • Which employees will be given access to salary sacrifice car leases? A selected population or the entire workforce?
  • Will you need a policy that defines what type of cars can be selected within the car lease scheme? Perhaps a maximum level of CO2 emissions would be appropriate?
  • Do you want to remove the risks to the business relating to employees leaving during the car lease agreement?
  • Would you like the car benefit scheme to promote the use of alternative fuel vehicles?


Deciding on the best approach to a car salary sacrifice scheme can seem a little daunting. Getting the car benefit right means enhanced satisfaction for your employees and a raft of benefits to the organisation. That’s why getting expert advice right from the beginning is always the best course of action.

At Maxxia, our experts will help to conceive, design and implement a salary sacrifice scheme that delivers for your business and your valued employees.

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Top Frequently Asked Questions

Car salary sacrifice is a way of providing employees with access to brand new cars at a significant discount, paid for by deductions from their gross salary.

Salary sacrifice car schemes can be introduced at no cost to the employer.

Maxxia’s salary sacrifice car lease agreements provide a comprehensive motoring service that includes:

  • Vehicle finance
  • All maintenance and servicing (subject to fair wear and tear conditions)
  • Tyre replacement
  • Annual Road Fund Licence
  • UK breakdown assistance
  • Accident management

With salary sacrifice, employees gain access to corporate discounts offered to organisations, this usually means a better price than they would be able to negotiate with a dealer. Also, salary sacrifice schemes usually don’t require any up-front deposit payment, and come with a full range of vehicle maintenance and recovery services.

While salary sacrifice schemes provide a wide range of services, there are some things that are not covered in the fixed monthly cost. These include:

  • Fuel
  • Damage to the vehicle that falls outside of normal wear and tear conditions – these are defined in the BVRLA guidelines
  • Excess mileage – those in excess of the agreed mileage outlined in your agreement
  • Motor insurance
  • Fines and Penalties

You have a number of options – simply return the car, choose a new one with a new contract, or buy the car at an agreed price.

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