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Maxxia’s unique approach to car salary sacrifice

Maxxia developed Lifestyle Lease to allow your employees to benefit from attractive savings on a brand new car. Lifestyle Lease not only helps to improve employee motivation and retention but can also enhance your environmental credentials and health and safety performance.

Better still, Lifestyle Lease is designed to be cost neutral to your business so places no pressure on budgets.



  • A unique, portable employee car lease scheme
  • A team of knowledgeable, dedicated experts
  • Operational infrastructure with over 35 years’ experience and more than 15,000 vehicles under management
  • Proactive relationships with manufacturers ensure great discounts on new vehicles

We understand the pressures that businesses face in trying to balance their recruitment and retention objectives against tightening budgets. Through careful scheme design we help to deliver a highly valued car benefit without any financial impact to the organisation.

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“We wanted to provide our employees with a wider array of flexible benefits, including the option to access new cars via an employee benefit car scheme.

“Having looked closely at schemes that were available in the market, we selected Maxxia’s Lifestyle Lease solution as being the most suitable to meet our needs and those of our employees.”

Maureen Biss, deputy chief executive officer at WESC Foundation


One of the best things about Lifestyle Lease is that the administrative burden for employers is massively reduced compared to many schemes. We’ll help to design the perfect scheme based on your business needs, work with you at every stage of design and implementation and help to promote it to your employees.

We then work directly with employees to choose the right vehicle, take their order, deliver the car and arrange for all in-life services. Here’s a quick summary of how the scheme works in practice:

  • The employer provides a list of all employees that are eligible for the scheme.
  • Employees then choose from a huge range of cars on the Lifestyle Lease website, with expert advice from us.
  • The Lifestyle Lease system selects the optimum type of funding based on the employee’s tax position and the selected vehicle.
  • Employees take affordability checks and agree to payments.
  • The car is ordered and we stay in touch right through to delivery.
  • The employer processes salary deductions via payroll and makes payments to Maxxia.
  • Employees contact Maxxia directly for all car related needs.
  • If the employee leaves, the car goes with them with no impact on the employer.
  • At the end of the contract, the vehicle is swapped for a new one, handed back or purchased at an agreed value.


Employees love the opportunity to drive a brand new car every few years and Lifestyle Lease delivers this plus a host of other benefits. Unlike most other salary sacrifice schemes, Lifestyle Lease is also completely portable meaning that the individual gets to keep their chosen car even if they switch employer. Other benefits include:

  • Significant savings when compared to leasing a car privately through access to corporate discounts
  • Hassle free, fixed cost motoring including servicing, maintenance and tyres
  • Potential tax and National Insurance savings
  • No future value or disposal risks
  • The option to buy the car at the end of the contract term
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As well as enhancing the organisation’s recruitment and retention capabilities, Lifestyle Lease delivers a host of additional benefits:

  • Lifestyle Lease is designed to hold the employer at no risk
  • Developed with input from leading professional advisors and with HMRC clearance and FCA compliance
  • Potential tax savings to the business
  • Reduces grey fleet risk and associated health and safety issues
  • Encourages employees to drive cars with lower CO2 emissions – improving environmental performance

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Lifestyle Lease addresses many of the issues that exist with traditional car salary sacrifice and cash for car schemes. Cash alternatives to a car bring risks associated with drivers using their own vehicles for company business, while normal salary sacrifice schemes come with issues related to employees who leave the company before the end of their lease.

  • Employees have access to brand new, fully maintained cars which reduces duty of care risk for the business.
  • Concerns over employees leaving the business are removed as the agreement remains with them.
  • The car lease scheme also directly addresses FCA affordability and consumer credit regulatory requirements.


Organisations are being put under increasing pressure, both through regulation and customer demand, to constantly improve their environmental performance. Lifestyle Lease is designed to encourage the take-up of cars with the lowest possible CO2 emissions. Employers are even able to define their own vehicle policy, which can be used to set limits on the maximum level of emissions for their employees’ cars.

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Top Frequently Asked Questions

Lifestyle Lease is a unique method of providing a highly desirable benefit, which gives employees a cost effective way of sourcing and running a brand new car.

Lifestyle Lease agreements are with the individual rather than the employer, which means that they are entirely portable should the employee change organisation. This also means that there is no risk to the employer of being left with an unallocated car.

Lifestyle Lease is also different in that it offers a range of funding options, with the best one being selected depending on the needs and situation of the individual.

Lifestyle Lease is a comprehensive motoring scheme that includes:

  • Finance of the vehicle
  • Maintenance, including all routine servicing and maintenance (subject to fair wear and tear conditions)
  • Tyres – no quibble tyre policy (subject to fair wear and tear conditions)
  • Annual Road Fund Licence
  • UK roadside assistance
  • Accident management

Lifestyle Lease enables employees to benefit from corporate discounts that are usually more generous than those available to retail customers. Also, with Lifestyle Lease there is no deposit to pay for the vehicle and it comes with a full package of maintenance and breakdown services.

  • Damage outside of normal wear and tear conditions as defined in the BVRLA guidelines
  • Mileage in excess of the allowance set out in the agreement
  • Motor insurance
  • Fines and Penalties

At the end of the lease period there is a choice of simply returning the car, exchanging it for a new one under a new agreement, or purchasing it.

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