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Personal Contract Hire from Maxxia

Our personal contract hire (PCH) service lets your employees choose from a huge range of new cars, then pay a set monthly fee, by direct debit, that covers all costs.

This is attractive to your staff, as they can choose and drive a new car from a reliable and trusted provider, without the huge outlay needed to buy outright, or having to worry about maintenance and servicing.

PCH is a free service for Maxxia clients. We source the best car deals from across the UK, through our close relationships with all major car makers and dealerships, and deal with all admin and financial transactions

How PCH helps your company

With our personal contract hire scheme, you offer your employees – and their family and friends – a cheap and easy way to enjoy a brand new car. So, it can be an attractive feature of your reward programme and a great way to boost recruitment and retention. It can also help you reduce your grey fleet reliance (and all the problems that go with it). And – because it’s a free service to you and we handle everything – you get maximum reward for minimal effort.

Find out how the Personal Contract Hire Scheme
could help your organisation


How PCH helps your staff

Your staff, when they choose PCH, get to choose a brand new car at a fixed monthly cost. Maintenance can be included as an option and then the only thing they need to pay is insurance and fuel. And, when the contract is up, they simply return the car and choose a new one. It’s simple, hassle-free and a much cheaper and easier way of driving a new car than buying outright.

How much it costs

Cost obviously depends on the model of car chosen. But one of the beauties of PCH is that costs are fixed over the term of the contract – so your employees always know how much they are paying each month.

Find out how the Personal Contract Hire Scheme
could help your organisation


Fully-managed on your behalf by Maxxia – at no cost to you

As a Maxxia customer, we manage the whole process free on your behalf – there is no cost to you at all – and we handle all admin and payments. There is no lengthy set-up or development period (unless you need a jointly branded service) and we can also help you with employee engagement if needed.

Key benefits at a glance

  • Employees get a new car at a fixed monthly rate that covers all costs (except fuel and insurance) – and can change their vehicle every 2, 3 or 4 years

  • A free service to all Maxxia Group clients

  • Fully managed and administered by Maxxia on your behalf

  • A flexible, cost-effective perk for all your staff, which helps you boost employee recruitment and retention

  • Easy to use through a dedicated website 

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