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From SMEs to large corporations, business vehicle leasing is well established as a way of financing fleet vehicles. Business car leasing provides organisations across the UK with a means to expand their fleet without significantly affecting cash flow and compromising on the specification of the vehicle.

In the UK, the majority of business vehicles are sourced using contract hire, although other financing options are available and may be more suitable to your organisation. At Maxxia, we offer a wide range of business car finance options and will work with you to find the right fit for your company, small or large.

Whether you are already familiar with business contract hire, or are looking to try this for the first time, we are on hand to help.

What are the benefits of business car leasing?

Owning and managing a fleet of business vehicles can take up a significant amount of time and capital. Lease cars for business requirements deliver cost savings and cash flow improvements, enabling you to release capital to use in other areas of your business.

Maxxia’s team of business vehicle leasing specialists can help you find the most cost-effective car finance model for your business, offering you advice on contract hire, contract purchase, hire purchase or finance lease, along with other innovative business car finance options.

What’s more, we can even help you release the equity in your current fleet of business cars – by shifting these to a vehicle leasing scheme through our sale and leaseback facility.

Business car leasing also frees up valuable fleet management time – as we take care of the finer details of your car scheme, from sourcing and administration to maintenance and repairs.

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Business vehicle finance with Maxxia

Already leasing your business vehicles but want to try a new supplier? Need to review your fleet or want a different approach to car leasing? Maxxia can help. We provide clear and straightforward corporate car lease advice, focused on your business objectives. Our business vehicle financing arrangements are tailored to you, avoid jargon and will not tie you up in knots.

Whether you are looking for a small selection of company cars for your executives, or require a larger fleet across a number of locations, Maxxia can provide a comprehensive service covering a number of vehicle finance options and associated services. We aim to get to know your business and requirements so that we can then deliver a business vehicle leasing option that is tailored specifically to you. This way, you can rest assured that you have the right finance and service package to suit your company needs.

business car leasing

Driver-focused business fleet services

We offer a complete, driver-focused fleet management service, designed to maximise cost efficiency while alleviating the stress of day-to-day management. Our business car lease services will deliver bottom line benefit in line with your company policies, budget and contracts. Choose from fixed-cost maintenance or pay-on-use maintenance schemes.

Your business vehicle lease can include any or all of the following:

  • Vehicle procurement

  • A range of vehicle leasing options

  • Maintenance and repair

  • Detailed account management and reporting

  • Full driver support

  • End of contract vehicle disposal

We also specialise in employee car schemes that offer many company and employee benefits whereby every member of staff can potentially access a company car.

Find out more about the benefits of Business Car Leasing


Business car financing options

A business vehicle lease can deliver a number of benefits to your business. Each finance option – contract hire, contract purchase, hire purchase or finance lease – offers its own pros and cons. Let our team of vehicle lease experts help you decide on the right finance option for you:

Contract hire

Business contract hire gives you access to vehicles for a fixed fee, with all liabilities for the vehicles remaining with the hire company. Commonly referred to as business car leasing, contract hire is a cost-effective way of hiring a business vehicle and expanding the size of your fleet.

  • Fixed cost motoring
  • Frees up capital
  • Improved cash flow
  • 50% VAT claimable
  • Additional line of finance that may not affect banking arrangements
  • Removes stress of vehicle maintenance
  • Risk of fluctuations in the used car market

  • Monthly rentals appear as a liability on your balance sheet

Finance lease

Finance leasing allows you to hire for a fixed fee, much like contract hire. However, all the liabilities for the vehicle pass to you.

  • Fixed monthly rentals

  • 50% of VAT can be reclaimed on the finance element
  • Potential to carry on using the vehicle at the end of the lease
  • Additional line of finance that may not affect banking arrangements
  • Vehicle appears as an asset on company balance sheet
  • Risk of fluctuations in the used car market
  • Monthly rentals appear as a liability on your balance sheet
business car leasing

Contract purchase and hire purchase

Contract purchase and hire/lease purchase options are also available when it comes to business car leasing. These methods of business vehicle leasing involve making monthly payments with the end result of owning the vehicles outright once the contract is finished.

Our team of fleet leasing experts can help you choose the best option for your business. Let us help you find the right vehicles for your business requirements – with a finance option that fits with your company’s objectives and budget – set up a consultation and talk to us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

A business vehicle lease allows employees the use of a vehicle for business purposes in exchange for a pre-agreed cost per month. This is a common way for businesses to use new vehicles without having to fully invest in owning the vehicle outright and seeing its value depreciate dramatically in a short period of time.

With most business vehicle leasing agreements, you will need to put down an initial payment to secure the agreement. This usually amounts to a total of three monthly payments but can vary depending on the terms of your agreement. The agreement will be based on a specific lease period – usually of between 24 and 60 months and an agreed mileage allowance during that period.

If you exceed the car lease mileage laid out in your initial agreement, you will have to pay an excess mileage charge. This is a fixed price per mile which will be provided to you when you get your initial leasing quote. The rate will vary depending on the car you’ve decided to lease. Try to give an accurate estimate of the number of miles you’re likely to cover annually – the more accurate you are the less likely you are to incur extra costs at the end of the lease agreement.

Insurance is not provided as part of your lease payments. You will need to organise insurance separately.

Van leasing is extremely popular with businesses of all sizes. Almost any type of LCV can be sourced, including those with highly specialised equipment. Depending on the type of lease, there are tax and VAT advantages in choosing to lease your van fleet.

Business car leasing of alternative fuel vehicles of all types has become common place in the last few years, and there are now a wide range of finance options available on them. At Maxxia we have lots of experience in working with businesses to assess how electric and hybrid vehicles can be integrated into their fleets.

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