A case study about how Maxxia helped the timber and builders merchant with its fleet

Case Study | David Cover & Son

David Cover & Son Ltd has supplied a diverse range of timber and building materials to a wide spectrum of customers for over 170 years.

Read this case study to find out how Maxxia was able to help with full maintenance contract hire for company cars.

annual investment allowance

Annual Investment Allowance

There are currently some great financial incentives available for organisations to make investments in business assets, with Annual Investment Allowance limits the most generous they have ever been, at £1m per annum.

This 2019 PDF guide to the AIA explains the basics of how to make the most of the opportunities, while they last.

Vehicle Funding Guide

In the UK, the majority of business vehicles are sourced using contract hire, although other financing options are available and may be more suitable to your organisation.

This guide has been created to help you understand the differences between funding options and think about what might suit you/your business the most.

B M Injection Case Study

Case Study | B M Injection

B M Injection is a family owned and run injection moulding company which was looking to acquire a machine to aid the growth of the business. The machine was being offered by a German supplier and the acquisition needed to be funded in Euros.

The company wanted to use hire purchase as the funding instrument. Find out how Maxxia was able to help.


asset finance case study

Case Study | Framptons

Framptons is a multi-award winning Somerset-based food and beverage processing and packaging business, founded in 1898, which required asset finance to support the expansion and upgrade of its production capacity.

Read this case study to find out how Maxxia was able to help with a sale and hire purchase back arrangement.

Asset funding options compared

Which finance option is best for your business?

Financing your business equipment can bring many benefits including, streamlining your cash flow and helping to reduce your operating costs with new technology.

There are many finance options available to help your business secure new equipment. To make comparing finance options easy for you, we have put together a handy reference table.

7 steps to IT leasing heaven

7 steps to IT leasing heaven

When it comes to IT leasing, a little homework at the onset can be very valuable. Leasing isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, your needs are different from the next organisation’s and any leasing offering needs to reflect this.

So to help you in your search for the best possible leasing arrangement, here is our 7 step guide on what to look for when analysing and comparing deals.


Asset finance - right tools for the job

Get the right tools for the job

The goal for most businesses is growth. Ultimately this is achieved by providing the best possible product or service to your customers in such a way that generates repeat sales and turns customers into brand advocates.

To stay ahead of the competition don’t settle for anything but the best tools and equipment.  Learn how asset finance can help.