Cyber security for schools

Cyber-Security for Schools

With the frequency of cyber-attacks ever on the increase and the sophistication of them evolving, schools and colleges need to protect their systems from being breached.

This guide will examine many of the major security issues that may concern your school or college, and present coherent strategies to help counter the main types of cyber-attack.

Social Media Safety for Schools

Social Media Safety

Social media is an integral part of modern life, with over three billion users expected by 2021. This worldwide reach translates to the classroom for both students and staff.

To find out more, we’ve surveyed social media policies from schools across the UK, found some interesting insights and noted practical considerations for improving policies in this area.

technology solutions for students video

Technology Solutions for Students

An example of one of our innovative lease schemes that helps solve problems for schools.

This student iPad lease scheme provides the ideal solution to a school facilitated solution which allows parents to source appropriate technology for their children.

How Leasing Can Help Our School

How Leasing Can Help Our School

Download this slide set to help explain how leasing can help your school.

The guide helps answer commonly asked questions, explains why schools should consider leasing, deals with often heard myths about school leasing and also includes a case study as an example of how leasing can help.

The Green School Case Study about ICT equipment leasing

Case Study | The Green School

The Green School, a girls’ secondary school in Isleworth, West London, found itself needing to make a substantial investment in ICT equipment.

Read how we provided the right lease and asset management solution and were also able to help the school recover a significant sum from the leasing company it had previously used to fund their previous ICT equipment.


Insider secrets: A guide to equipment funding

Insider secrets: A guide to equipment funding

With budgets tightening and resources becoming even more stretched, are you finding it hard to provide all of the assets you’d like for your students’ individual needs?

To help you, we have listed our top tips on budget friendly ways to get the equipment they need.


reasons to lease

10 reasons why this is THE year for education leasing

Leasing, when done well, is a viable and trustworthy route to paying for all the ICT kit you need, as well as a host of other items – even sports and kitchen equipment. There are realms of possibilities associated with leasing and the spending freedom it brings.

Download this infographic to find out more.


Why choose leasing: a definitive guide

Why choose leasing? The definitive guide

A useful source of information on leasing for education, including the top ten questions we are often asked.

Education establishments are increasingly turning to leasing to supplement their budgets. If you are considering leasing for your establishment we are sure you will have many questions. Our new eBook will be a useful source of information for you.


7 steps to IT leasing heaven

7 steps to IT leasing heaven

When it comes to IT leasing, a little homework at the onset can be very valuable. Leasing isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, your needs are different from the next organisation’s and any leasing offering needs to reflect this.

So to help you in your search for the best possible leasing arrangement, here is our 7 step guide on what to look for when analysing and comparing deals.