Avoid end of lease pitfalls

10 tips to avoid getting ‘stung’ at the end of the lease

Often organisations dismiss the idea of leasing, purely because they’ve had bad experiences in the past – the biggest single complaint being the problems encountered at the very end of the lease!

So with this in mind we have compiled our free guide which features the 10 most important elements to consider before you sign any leasing agreement.


Education leasing ICT in focus

Education Leasing | ICT in focus

Providing up-to-date ICT resources is essential for achieving better academic standards, but when faced with budget constraints, it’s difficult to put this into practice.

In this download we discuss the benefits of providing better ICT resources – and how leasing can help schools afford equipment in times of austerity.


Education leasing mind map

Education leasing mind map

There’s a lot to think about if you are considering embarking on a leasing journey. Our Leasing Mind Map can help by reassuring you that all the questions you have are normal!

Plus, there may be some thoughts on there that you haven’t had a chance to discuss yet – so you can use this tool as a checklist too.