10 reasons why this is THE year for education leasing

Leasing, when done well, is a viable and trustworthy route to paying for all the ICT kit you need, as well as a host of other items – even sports and kitchen equipment. There are realms of possibilities associated with leasing and the spending freedom it brings.

Download this infographic to find out more.


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Which finance option is best for your business?

Financing your business equipment can bring many benefits including, streamlining your cash flow and helping to reduce your operating costs with new technology.

There are many finance options available to help your business secure new equipment. To make comparing finance options easy for you, we have put together a handy reference table.

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Why choose leasing? The definitive guide

A useful source of information on leasing for education, including the top ten questions we are often asked.

Education establishments are increasingly turning to leasing to supplement their budgets. If you are considering leasing for your establishment we are sure you will have many questions. Our new eBook will be a useful source of information for you.


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7 steps to IT leasing heaven

When it comes to IT leasing, a little homework at the onset can be very valuable. Leasing isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, your needs are different from the next organisation’s and any leasing offering needs to reflect this.

So to help you in your search for the best possible leasing arrangement, here is our 7 step guide on what to look for when analysing and comparing deals.


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IT asset management and end-of-life procedures

End-of-life IT management takes almost as much planning and organisation as the initial procurement process, so you should find some useful information here which summarises how the WEEE directive affects you and how to best recycle your equipment whilst protecting your business data.



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10 tips to avoid getting ‘stung’ at the end of the lease

Often organisations dismiss the idea of leasing, purely because they’ve had bad experiences in the past – the biggest single complaint being the problems encountered at the very end of the lease!

So with this in mind we have compiled our free guide which features the 10 most important elements to consider before you sign any leasing agreement.


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