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Wholesale finance is a form of funding for organisations such as franchised and independent motor dealers, asset finance providers and specialist manufacturers, providing revolving credit lines to ensure a regular flow of financial resources and easing cash flow.

These are typically secured against levels of stock and finished goods, before they are sold or leased to the retail customer.

Why use wholesale finance?

Wholesale finance used in this way acts as a finance facility for stock or finished goods.

Amongst the benefits of wholesale funding offers are:


Stand-alone stocking facilities allow you to negotiate a better return on your retail finance package.


Annually renewable, on-demand wholesale finance facility tailored to your exact requirements to unlock vital cash flow when you need it.


Wholesales funding can generate regular payments for finished goods and fund stock directly via dealer management or other proprietary systems.

Who can benefit from wholesale finance?

Wholesale finance is ideally suited to car and van dealer groups and vehicle manufacturers, as well as providing funding for specialist asset stocking across a range of sectors.

These could include providers of:

  • Caravans

  • Motorhomes

  • Holiday homes

  • Agricultural equipment

  • Recycling machinery

  • Materials handling equipment

  • Grounds-care equipment

  • Motorcycles

As part of our wholesale finance package, we’ll provide you with a dedicated relationship manager and support for in-life management.

Find out how Wholesale Finance could help your organisation


Wholesale finance for cars and vans

As specialists in the area of wholesale funding for vehicles, we can provide you with:

  • A credit line tailored to your requirements with funding for new, fully paid vehicles, used vehicles, demonstrators, courtesy vehicles, rental vehicles and pre-registered vehicles

  • Funding on a vehicle by vehicle basis with reports available down to individual units

  • Add vehicles to and remove vehicles from funding through a simple online system

  • Ongoing support throughout our client relationship, including an operations team for administration and a relationship management team who will understand your business, keep your credit line up to date, share industry knowledge and assist in providing ongoing wholesale finance solutions

Wholesale finance for specialist assets

We have extensive experience of providing wholesale stocking finance across a wide range of industries. These vary from suppliers of materials handling equipment, agriculture and grounds-care equipment, to recycling and lifting equipment.

We can provide an on-demand credit facility for the wholesale funding of new and used, demonstrator and short term hire units.

And we offer flexible stock finance solutions that are tailored to your industry, which can unlock vital cashflow used in the funding of stock.

  • Fast and efficient method of stock financing and reducing the administrative burden

  • Stand-alone stocking facility that allows you to negotiate a better return on your retail finance offering

  • One facility covering a broad range of manufacturer and asset types

  • Dedicated industry specialist relationship manager and a support team for in-life management and dealer support

Production line with machinery

Undisclosed funding

When funding is important for the development of the business, but where its disclosure materially affects key accounting ratios or the balance sheet of the business, we can also act as an undisclosed agency funder.

In this capacity we have provided funds to independent leasing companies, asset finance companies and vehicle manufacturers’ captive finance houses.

Circumstances in which undisclosed agency funding can be of benefit include:

  • Independent vehicle leasing companies looking to grow their funding capacity without overloading their balance sheet

  • Vehicle manufacturers’ captive finance houses wishing to create ‘headroom’ can achieve additional funding capacity through the sale of assets and receivables

  • Asset finance companies looking to build extra funding capacity through undisclosed principal and agency structures

  • And bank portfolio sales to a non-competitive bank

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