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At Maxxia, we help our customers to do what they do best by providing the smartest possible finance solutions. Our comprehensive range of funding solutions means we can provide financing enterprise-wide, covering a vast array of employer and employee assets.

We finance, or help find finance for, a huge range of assets, working across the UK with vendors or providing direct solutions for the public and private sectors. Our scope covers everything from heavy goods vehicles and sustainable energy solutions, to technology and employee benefit cars.

Maxxia Finance

Maxxia is an asset funder and can act as a broker too, the likelihood is that we can help you fund your business assets whatever they are. From agriculture and technology, through plant and machinery to trucks and cars, contact us with your requirements.

Maxxia Education

Using compliant operating leases to fund assets for your school can help your budgets go further and allow you to spend your money where it matters the most. We are experts in IT, vehicle and general equipment finance.

Maxxia Lifestyle

Opening up a car scheme to more employees, this valued benefit is designed for individuals who aren’t eligible for a company car. At no cost to the employer, we can help structure the optimal scheme to suit your workforce.

Maxxia Fleet Solutions

The funding and management of company vehicles is a fundamental part of our DNA. Whatever funding arrangement, contract duration, vehicle type or in-life service you require, we can help.


Maxxia is a modern, motivated and growing provider of business orientated finance solutions. Whether your organisation operates in the public or private sector, is large or small, needs credit lines in the thousands or the millions, Maxxia offers services that can support you. We are not alone in our market space, but where we are different, and better, is that we are open and transparent in all our dealings, no surprises, no stings, no hidden agendas.

Why Maxxia

Here at Maxxia we pride ourselves on offering a personal approach to help organisations across the UK. If your business or school requires equipment, general asset finance and leasing will give you access to the capital necessary to invest, helping you expand upon invaluable resources to aid your organisation in the long run.

Our vehicle finance solutions are comprehensive and designed to suit all needs, from the small business which needs a couple of vans on hire purchase through to a large corporation looking to expand on an employee benefits programme.

Our team has years of experience working with people across varied industries and will take a personal and flexible approach to helping to find the right solution for you.


The most popular way of funding business cars and vans which reduces risk, improves cash flow and fixes costs.

An innovative scheme which brings potential for significant cost savings and helps mitigate company car tax rise.

Increasingly popular, PCH is an easy and risk free way to lease a new car every few years. Great for those with a cash allowance as a company car alternative.

Our expertise in the education sector helps schools arrange funding solutions for a wide range of equipment and school improvements.

Whether you require a small van for deliveries or an entire fleet of HGVs, we have a range of commercial vehicle finance solutions available.

Improve employee motivation and retention with an attractive car scheme as part of your employee benefits package.

Invest in plant and machinery without tying up valuable capital. Cash-flow friendly and tax-efficient finance help give you the tools you need.

Update your vans whilst managing budgets and cash-flow with our van leasing options.

Stay up to date with finance and leasing solutions for your IT equipment and technology needs.

Avoid the need to find large amounts of cash up front in order to expand or replace your farm equipment and machinery with our finance solutions.

The use of finance to acquire medical equipment is growing and can bring significant financial benefits compared to traditional purchase methods.

Ideally suited to car and van dealer groups and vehicle manufacturers, as well as providing funding for specialist asset stocking across a range of sectors.