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Benefit in Kind Tax

Company Car Tax: An Overview Drivers and fleet decision-makers alike are taking a keen interest in car Benefit in Kind (BiK) tax at the moment. There’s the Government’s ongoing policy of annual increases based on CO2 emissions, the impact that the new WLTP emissions testing regime has had on cars’ CO2 ratings, plus the uncertainty over what the tax regime will look like beyond 2021. Bring all of these factors together and it [...]

The Struggle to Maintain School Facilities

Maintaining School Estates Schools are under increasing pressure not only to uphold standards of education, but also to maintain school facilities. Schools are expected to plan for building maintenance to ensure they are safe, warm, weatherproof, and that they provide a suitable teaching and learning environment. These buildings and estates also need to be secure, as schools have to safeguard their pupils and equipment, so fencing and gates have to be maintained as [...]

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Business Van Insurance

Are Your Tools Safe? Making sure you have the right level of insurance cover is important, and it is easy to make assumptions which mean things are overlooked. One such assumption is that your van insurance that covers your business van or fleet also covers you for tools, equipment and stock that is in the vehicle. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and if you do not have insurance in place to properly [...]

Monthly Business Budgeting

How To Improve Your CashflowRunning a business is complicated enough that, often, you lose sight of the very thing you went into business to do. Many small and medium enterprises suffer from administrative difficulties that lead to stress and anxiety and that feeling of there being simply too much to handle.One area that causes a huge amount of concern for SMEs is proper business budgeting.Using leasing to improve your financial controlThe business model of [...]

Technology in Education

What the New EdTech Strategy Means for Schools Teacher workload, student outcomes and the need to close the gap between individuals in schools are all to be addressed through technology. The government released the EdTech strategy at the Schools and Academies Show in London in early 2019, calling the initiative Realising the Potential of Technology in Education. The Education Secretary set out plans, with a promise of £10 million in funding, aiming to [...]

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Bring Your Own Device to School

Bring Your Own Device to School: Advantages & Disadvantages What is BYOD? We know that tablets and laptops are a part of a teenager’s life. Some schools have banks of tablets and laptops that are readily available to be used for a few classrooms. However, these schools are few and far between. Many schools can’t afford that much technology in one classroom. Schools have to be convinced that this investment is worth it. [...]

Adoption of Leasing Models

Moving to a Leasing Model – How Mobile Phone Contracts Show Us the Way We all like to have the latest equipment, especially in business. Being able to show you are at the cutting edge of technology can be very important – it encourages your employees and means you present well to clients. Not only that, but it gives you access to the advantages that top-end technology offers. The potential financial outlay to [...]

Driving an Electric Car – is it Time to Make the Change?

Charging Your Car at Work – Electric Cars for the Commute If your driving experience is centred on the commute to work, that daily grind can be much improved by an electric car. Not only does having an electric vehicle (EV) mean that you are likely to be sitting in a brand-new car with all the comfort that comes with, but also you are sitting there safe in the knowledge that you aren’t [...]

Pre-Brexit Bounce for Asset Finance

Asset Finance Continues to Grow Despite Uncertainty It might be hard to believe but, in the midst of the turmoil around the UK’s exit from the European Union, there are positive signs in the FLA’s most recent set of statistics on asset finance volumes. The newly published figures show growth of 4% for the twelve months to the end of January 2019 against the same period last year, and the rolling three-months to [...]

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