Personal Contract Hire

Personal Contract Hire: The Fastest Growing Way to Acquire a New Car Because it's a significant investment, second only to purchasing a home, buying a new car is a big deal for most people, especially if they want to buy it outright. But unlike a home, having paid out a substantial sum, a car reduces in value even as it's driven home! To spread the cost and make the acquisition of a new car [...]

Robots in Industry

Robots in Industry - a Good or Bad Thing? Every day and in every walk of life, technology is rapidly advancing. We’re all well-used to computers, mobile phones, even virtual and augmented reality. The sphere of manufacturing is no different. Of course, here too computers take a central role, but also there’s been a huge world-wide increase in the use of robots in industry and other fields generally. The beginnings of robots in [...]

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Asset Finance Optimism

11 Year High for Asset Finance While the Office for National Statistics reports a 0.1% contraction in the UK economy Bearing in mind that the last two quarters showed decline, the situation part way through the third quarter has raised further concerns from some commentators that the UK is sliding into recession. The ONS has also reported a 0.5% productivity fall in services and manufacturing from April-June 2019. The fall follows two consecutive [...]

Asset Finance Growth Continues 

Growth Trends Show Businesses are Investing Despite Economic Uncertainty The UK economy grew by 0.5% in the first quarter of the year and only 0.2% in the second, which was below Government expectation and has prompted recessionary fears. But in contrast, the latest figures from the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) show how asset finance continues its growth in 2019. Whilst the OECD’s Business Confidence Index has recorded declines in 2019, the [...]

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Is Your Network Safe?

Cyber-Crime 5 types of cyber-attack and how to combat them Pretty much everyone has heard of cyber-crime, hacking, malware, spyware etc at some point in their interaction with the internet, but what can these things really mean to the individual or organisation? Quite a lot. Being the victim of cyber-crime can result in a whole heap of trouble, ranging from annoying but pretty harmless right through to having your banking login and passwords [...]

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Alternative Business Finance

What is Alternative Finance for Business? Google ‘alternative business finance’, and you’ll be greeted with a plethora of adverts and articles promoting a wide range of different types of alternative business funding. But what exactly is alternative finance and how might it be useful for your organisation? The alternative business finance market has developed over the last decade, since the 2008 credit crisis, as many organisations found it increasingly difficult to access funding [...]

Latest Asset Finance Market Report

Asset Finance Figures Increase Despite all the market uncertainties surrounding the are-we-in-or-are-we-out Brexit fiasco, asset finance figures have been achieving ever-higher levels of new business overall. Record new business The March 2019 report from the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA) shows a record level of monthly new business of £3.7 billion. That’s up 11% on March 2018. Taking Q1 2019 as a whole, new asset finance business also increased by 11% over Q1 [...]

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Monthly Business Budgeting

How To Improve Your CashflowRunning a business is complicated enough that, often, you lose sight of the very thing you went into business to do. Many small and medium enterprises suffer from administrative difficulties that lead to stress and anxiety and that feeling of there being simply too much to handle.One area that causes a huge amount of concern for SMEs is proper business budgeting.Using leasing to improve your financial controlThe business model of [...]

Bring Your Own Device to School

Bring Your Own Device to School: Advantages & Disadvantages What is BYOD? We know that tablets and laptops are a part of a teenager’s life. Some schools have banks of tablets and laptops that are readily available to be used for a few classrooms. However, these schools are few and far between. Many schools can’t afford that much technology in one classroom. Schools have to be convinced that this investment is worth it. [...]

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