How to Benefit from Sale and Leaseback: Key Things You Need to Know

Sale and leaseback as a concept has been around for almost as long as vehicle leasing itself, but there are still many organisations that could be taking advantage of this that haven’t taken the plunge. In this blog we take a look at how this type of finance works and examine the advantages and disadvantages of sale and leaseback.

Need to free up capital? – Sale and […]

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Tax Implications of Business Car Leasing

Leasing company cars and vans, rather than buying them outright, is well established for businesses. It provides known, easily budgeted costs with no hidden surprises and predictable cash-flows. The most popular type of vehicle leasing for businesses is contract hire.

The positive tax implications of leasing a company car are a key reason that this form of leasing has become so popular. In this article, we look at this topic in more detail […]

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Consumer Car Finance Explained

With so many new car finance deals available, from such a wide range of providers, it can be difficult to know which option to choose. In this blog we guide you through some of the key questions you need to answer, to discover what type of finance best meets your needs.

Do you have sufficient savings to buy a new car outright?

In today’s climate of very low savings interest rates, if you’re lucky enough to […]

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Maxxia Rises up the FN50 Table

FN50 Improvements Underline Maxxia’s Broader Growth

The fleet industry’s flagship publication, “Fleet News”, recently published its FN50 league table of business vehicle funding companies.

Over the last few years, Maxxia has gone from being outside of the table, to gaining a foothold, and then rising up through the ranks.

In November, Maxxia leapt from position 38 (2018) to 30 (2019).

The increasing number of vehicles that Maxxia takes residual value risk on has increased as new clients have […]

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7 Tips for Avoiding Car Lease Penalties

Whether you have a personal contract hire (PCH) or business lease, doing what you can during the term of the agreement to mitigate penalties at the end, is going to save you money. Avoiding car lease penalties isn’t as hard as you may think. Here are a few quick tips to avoid end-of-contract leasing penalties:

1 – Keep an eye on your mileage

Going over your mileage is a definite penalty marker. Leasing fees are calculated […]

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How Does Leasing Affect my Credit Score?

Taking care of your credit score is an important factor in taking out any long-term financial contract – so how does leasing affect your credit rating and what can you do to maximise it in all the right ways?

Does taking out a lease affect my credit rating?

When a finance company is asked to put an expensive asset in your hands, with the agreement that it is going to be paid for on a regular […]

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Personal Contract Hire: The Fastest Growing Way to Acquire a New Car

Because it’s a significant investment, second only to purchasing a home, buying a new car is a big deal for most people, especially if they want to buy it outright.

But unlike a home, having paid out a substantial sum, a car reduces in value even as it’s driven home!

To spread the cost and make the acquisition of a new car easier, there have always been a number of funding options available, from a straightforward […]

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Business Van Insurance

Are Your Tools Safe?

Making sure you have the right level of insurance cover is important, and it is easy to make assumptions which mean things are overlooked. One such assumption is that your van insurance that covers your business van or fleet also covers you for tools, equipment and stock that is in the vehicle.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, and if you do not have insurance in place to properly provide you with […]

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Driving an Electric Car – is it Time to Make the Change?

Charging Your Car at Work – Electric Cars for the Commute

If your driving experience is centred on the commute to work, that daily grind can be much improved by an electric car. Not only does having an electric vehicle (EV) mean that you are likely to be sitting in a brand-new car with all the comfort that comes with, but also you are sitting there safe in the […]

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