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Asset Funding Solutions For the Education Sector

Funding new school equipment can be a challenge. Budgets in the UK’s education sector are becoming increasingly tight, and schools and colleges are looking to more cost-effective and innovative ways to fund school equipment.

At Maxxia, we can arrange school leasing solutions for a wide range of equipment or school improvements, from minibuses to temporary classrooms and catering equipment. Not surprisingly, school lease agreements for ICT equipment are often top of the list, as technology takes on greater importance in the national curriculum.

Whatever your school funding requirements, Maxxia can provide you with the most efficient, compliant and cost-effective school leasing methods available.

“Due to budget constraints across many areas of the school, we needed a lease structure that was both affordable and sustainable. Maxxia came up with a structure that suited us perfectly; allowing us to proceed with immediate and on-going IT requirements across the school”

–  says John Wiffen, Director of Finance at The Green School.

Whether you are a local authority run school, an academy, private school, further education college or university – our education funding solutions meet the needs and regulatory requirements of each segment of the educational sector.

We follow the latest Government directives to ensure that all financed assets are fully sustainable and are either resold or properly recycled at the end of their working lives. See our guide on How to avoid end of lease pitfalls.

In addition, all our school lease agreements are completely transparent, enabling you to see exactly what the situation is at every stage of the leasing lifecycle. To see the effectiveness of Maxxia’s school leasing solutions, find out how we helped a school save £50,000.

Want to find out more about our funding for schools? Visit our education sector FAQs page or contact us to discuss further.

Benefits of school funding from Maxxia

  • Cost effective

  • Transparent rental agreement and payment terms

  • Sustainable – compliant with Government directives

Cost effective funding for schools

Suitable for all educational establishments, our school funding solutions mean that you get the very latest equipment when you need it while only having to pay a regular rental fee for a pre-agreed period of time. School funding payments come out of your revenue funds.

By leasing your school equipment, you will always have access to the latest technology, without having to part with a large sum of capital upfront. For ICT equipment this is particularly important, and will enable your school to stay ahead of technological developments in a cost-effective way.

Fully compliant funding for schools

All of our school leasing agreements strictly adhere to the rules and regulations covering school funding laid out in the Education Act. Whether you require school minibus leasing or ICT equipment funding, you can rest assured that we will provide compliant and appropriate school funding solutions for all your leasing requirements.

Completely transparent funding for schools

Maxxia is committed to offering absolute transparency in all our school leasing products. This ensures that you can see exactly what the costs are at every stage of the school leasing lifecycle, as well as any additional changes that may be incurred if you decide to extend the leasing period.

In addition to our transport school funding solutions, we can provide you with market-leading asset management software, so that you can monitor the whole process from start to finish.

We ensure that any data left on the leased ICT equipment is completely erased before reselling or recycling.

Sustainable school leasing solutions

Our school leasing structure supports green initiatives and meets the latest Government directives on sustainability. Where possible, we will provide energy efficient equipment and use renewable energy sources. For end of cycle assets (particularly ICT) we will look to reuse – and recycle or even repair where applicable.

At the end of your school lease agreement we can offer a free asset collection service and a disposal process that complies with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive, to ensure all assets are either resold or recycled properly.

Want to find out more about how Maxxia’s school leasing solutions could benefit your school? Speak with our funding experts today.

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