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No matter the size of your organisation we have a number of leasing and asset-based solutions for you.

Here at Maxxia we pride ourselves on offering a personal approach to helping businesses grow, across the UK. If your business requires equipment, general asset finance or leasing, we will provide you with access to the funding necessary to invest, helping you to expand upon invaluable resources to aid your business in the long run.

Maxxia’s asset finance and leasing solutions will provide you with a cash-flow friendly way of acquiring equipment to move your business forward. Financing equipment for your business doesn’t have to be stressful – you can rely on our experts to support you as your business grows.



Maxxia provides asset finance and leasing solutions to the public and private sector in the UK. Our team has significant expertise in all forms of asset funding, including vehicle leasing, IT asset leasing and financing options for all types of business equipment and machinery.

With a focus on transparency and collaboration with customers, we create leasing and solutions that meet the individual objectives of an organisation.

We pride ourselves on offering a personal approach to help organisations find the funding to help access the capital necessary to invest and grow.

Our team has years of experience working with people across varied industries and will take a personal and flexible approach to helping to find the right solution for you.

  • A full range of funding solutions for a huge range of assets
  • Maxxia is regulated and authorised by the FCA
  • We work with organisations across the UK
  • A member of the Finance & Leasing Association
  • Both a lender and broker, focused on finding you the right solution
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“Maxxia was easy to work with, helped us achieve our funding objectives and allowed us to focus our energies on successful completion of the projects, on time and in budget. Maxxia took away the legwork of managing multiple quotations and
identifying potential partners, and that was valued. The process was open and transparent throughout.”

Allan Staples, Commercial Director at Framptons


We offer a multitude of business finance options, whether you work as a fleet manager or a farmer. Here are just a few of the assets we can help you to finance:

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To help your business grow with new assets, or when needing to update older equipment, Maxxia provides a number of leasing and asset-based lending solutions, no matter the size of your organisation.

Our team of experts will support and advise you on all aspects of your funding requirements, finding you the right business finance agreement. Our aim is to ease the strain on your cash flow, helping you obtain assets for your business without putting a strain on your resources.

Save time, money and effort and let Maxxia help find your asset finance solution.


If your business requires investment in technology, equipment, or vehicles, Maxxia can help. Spreading the cost of this expenditure will have less of an impact on capital, whilst still allowing you to acquire the tools that you need for your business to succeed. Maxxia’s asset finance services will give you the opportunity to spread costs and maintain cash flows.


There are various forms of asset finance agreement available; the best solution will depend on your objectives. We can help you determine what this will be.

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Finance Lease

This is a leasing contract which allows the lessee to pay a rental for a period of time together with an opportunity to extend or return the asset.

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Operating Lease

This is normally used for high value or “big ticket” assets where an asset is not fully amortised during the period of the lease. You will not own the asset, although you have the use of it for an agreed period of time.

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Hire Purchase

An agreement where goods are hired in return for payments that are structured to match your cash flow requirements, and where ownership will pass to you at the end of the term.

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Contract Hire

Contract hire provides you with the use of a vehicle in return for a rental payment. You do not have the risk of fluctuations in future values when it comes to re-sale. It brings benefits to budgeting, cash flow and reduced administration.

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Contract Purchase

An ideal choice for organisations that are wholly or partially VAT exempt. As far as the user is concerned, the operational structure of the agreement provides the same facilities as contract hire with the opportunity to either retain or return the asset at the end of the agreement.

Asset Refinance

Do you have money tied up in your existing equipment? Asset refinance can release this equity and provide you with an immediate improvement in cash flow of your business. Sale and Leaseback is a form of refinancing where assets have been purchased outright.

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Maxxia is one of the UK’s fastest growing asset finance providers, offering enterprise-wide funding and leasing solutions to the public and private sector in the UK. Our team has significant expertise in all forms of asset funding, including vehicle leasing and fleet management, IT asset leasing and lifecycle management, as well as financing options for all types of business equipment and machinery. With a focus on transparency and collaboration with customers, we create solutions that meet the individual objectives of an organisation.

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Top Frequently Asked Questions

Asset finance is a broad category that refers to leasing assets or equipment in exchange for pre-agreed regular payments – supplied and organised by an external provider. The assets or equipment in question can vary from delivery vehicles to catering equipment. There is virtually no limit as to what equipment can be leased from a specialist provider, as most asset finance specialists will cater to the needs of their customers.

Leasing business equipment is useful for organisations who do not want to release large amounts of capital up front. Asset finance leaves them with the option to only release a fraction of the amount they would have to pay if they were buying equipment outright. At the end of the contract, depending on the type of financing agreement selected, you may also have the option of continuing to lease the equipment, buy the equipment at an agreed price, or you may have the option to upgrade the equipment to a newer, more efficient model. Alternatively, you could return the asset if it is no longer required.

With the right provider, you can have access to any equipment you require for the development of your business. Industries that use asset finance to their advantage include, but are not limited to; agriculture, transportation, green energy, manufacturing, waste disposal, retail, medical and a wide range of organisations that require vehicle fleets.

When choosing a lease agreement, you are given the benefit of being able to invest in business equipment to support business growth and expansion which the business might not otherwise be able to afford. Asset finance offers an attractive alternative to tying up valuable capital which could be better used in other ways. And it helps smooth and improve cash-flow.

Having access to new equipment may allow the business to expand, develop new services or become more efficient.

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