How easy is it to lease IT equipment for schools?

How Easy is it to Lease School ICT Equipment? Myths on ICT Funding for Schools Debunked As a school business manager responsible for the complexities of funding school ICT equipment and monitoring cash flow, you may often hear certain myths around IT leasing for school computer equipment. Don’t let them deter you from making a decision on leasing school equipment that could be right for your school's requirements and for your budget. Find out [...]

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Asset finance market report

Asset finance and leasing: market trends The FLA has released its March 2016 industry report, documenting leasing trends and overall figures for the industry, showing significant growth in almost every sector. With financing trends from the business finance industry, as well as consumer and motor finance, find a breakdown of the exact figures below to see what the growth might mean for the asset finance industry. Business Finance Most of the business finance industry [...]

Business Vehicle Leasing Explained

Business Car Leasing Explained Buying vehicles for business purposes inevitably means handing over a large lump sum and is accepted by most businesses as a necessary expenditure, but this doesn’t have to be the case. The option of business vehicle leasing is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, allowing companies to offer business vehicles to their employees, but with a smaller capital outlay, and as a result, a much healthier cash flow. So what [...]

Could salary sacrifice cars help those caught in 60% tax trap?

Personal allowance taper catches growing numbers of high earning taxpayers A growing band of high earners are paying 60% tax on a portion of their income, thanks to a policy brought in by the last Labour government and confirmed by subsequent regimes. Those earning between £100,000 and £120,000 per annum are now effectively paying 60% tax on that portion of their income between the two limits. Above the upper limit, the tax rate reverts [...]