Accounting For Leases In Schools: A Beginner’s Guide

A Beginner’s Guide To Accounting For Leases In Schools Most schools have used leasing at some time but in recent years there have been reports that some schools that have found themselves on the wrong side of accounting rules. We’ve put together a beginner’s guide to understanding leases for schools, written for the teachers and school managers who aren’t accountants. Don’t assume you need to pay for new equipment upfront These days with tighter-than-ever budgets, few schools have the luxury of keeping a sufficient pot of money to allow them to pay cash for big investments in new equipment, such as IT, vehicles or gym equipment. Often schools assume this [...]

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An Introduction to Leasing for Education

Why Choose Leasing? An Introduction to Leasing for Education Leasing is a straightforward and economical solution for many challenges currently taking place within the education sector. However, past news stories depict negative leasing tales where schools and consortia have had their fingers burnt by confusing contracts and below par practices. This guide includes: Why leasing is relevant for the education sector The top 10 questions asked about leasing Your leasing journey: from beginning to end Conclusion Contact a Maxxia funding specialist   Leasing has changed – use a reputable provider to make leasing easy and worry-free. Read on to learn why now is the time to consider the leasing route [...]

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Three Considerations Before Financing New School Equipment

Three Considerations Before Financing New School Equipment Struggling to get the equipment you need for your school on ever smaller budgets? You’re not alone. The money allocated to schools is expected to cover everything they may need, from a new minibus to classrooms full of new computers and IT equipment. Due to the high cost of purchasing this equipment outright, schools are finding it harder and harder to afford up-to-date equipment and supplies. School finance, however, provides an alternative option to schools that are looking to invest in new equipment. Leasing allows schools and education centres to pay an agreed regular cost in return for the use of a range of [...]

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How To Plan Your Asset Finance Procurement Process

Funding For Schools: How To Plan Your Asset Finance Procurement Process Funding school equipment with a solid leasing plan can help schools to get what is required to provide students with the tools necessary for a good education. Instead of buying outright, school leasing can significantly help school managers to organise their cash flow more efficiently, by reducing capital outlay and allowing schools to make regular payments over a longer period of time. If you do decide to put together a plan for leasing school equipment, it will pay to have a clear asset finance procurement process in place. A solid procurement strategy for your school will mean a more [...]

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Education Leasing: Our Top Dos and Don’ts

Education Leasing: Our Top Dos and Don’ts Schools inevitably want to provide their students with the best possible equipment in order to help them accomplish their expected grades as well as all the skills they require before leaving the education system. In order to do this, head teachers have the arduous task of finding high quality equipment – sports equipment, catering equipment, minibuses, computers and tablet devices – at the right price. Where schools don’t have the budget to buy school equipment outright, leasing is a useful solution. But it can be daunting if you've not used leasing before. That’s why it pays to have some education leasing tips to [...]

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Why Choose Leasing? The Definitive Guide For Schools

Why Choose Leasing? The Definitive Guide For Schools Thinking about leasing as a means to access up-to-date equipment for your school? The following guide has been written to help school staff, head teachers, and school managers make an informed decision on their school’s finance options, especially when it comes to replacing old IT equipment in order to keep up with increasing demand to integrate new IT equipment to lesson plans across all faculties. We’ve also put together a slide deck to help you explain to governors and staff exactly how leasing could help your pupils, and help your school dramatically improve on your current IT equipment while keeping costs to [...]

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How easy is it to lease IT equipment for schools?

Myths on Funding for ICT in Schools: Debunked How Easy is it to Lease School ICT Equipment? As a school business manager responsible for the complexities of funding school ICT equipment and monitoring cash flow, you may often hear certain myths around leasing school ICT equipment. Don’t let them deter you from making a decision on leasing school equipment that could be right for your school's requirements and for your budget. Find out why some of the most common myths often talked about are actually quite far from the truth.   Myth: Schools cannot use leases You may have heard that leasing is forbidden for schools when it comes to funding [...]

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Coding in the classroom: Access to IT Equipment in Schools

Coding in the Classroom Financing IT Equipment in Schools As the BBC takes on the task of distributing micro:bits to make teaching coding in schools that little bit more accessible, it is becoming easier for pupils in schools to really get to grips with computer programming. The pocket-sized micro:bit has been given out to one million 11 and 12 year olds throughout the UK, and can be used in conjunction with websites and other devices such as laptops and tablets via a Bluetooth or USB connection. With this advance, children can explore the fundamentals of computer programming in school, inspiring them to take further interest in core subjects such as [...]

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Future technology for schools

Can we foresee future technology for schools? It has taken a long time for IT to be accepted in the school classroom. For many traditionalists who believed in the sanctity of the text book and blackboard, the novelty of a laptop and an iPad has often been seen as simply a distraction in a real learning environment. But now as we look back with hindsight it is clear that because digital communication, information sources and education programmes have become such a major part of western society – to ignore them would be depriving our children educationally at a fundamental level. Now, it is these learning technologies we must rely on [...]

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