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Educational Apps Reviews: PSHE

As the use of tablets in schools continues to grow, so the number of apps available for the education sector has exploded. Whether, you’re a teacher or parent, researching and picking the right app to support your children is not only tricky but potentially time consuming and expensive. We’ve worked with a primary school teacher, reviewing over 100 apps to produce a list of our favourites – saving you time and money.

Here’s our review of five of the best PSHE related apps.

Smiling Mind

(Ages 4-11)

Smiling Mind AppA very well designed and easy to use app for both teachers and students. Smiling Mind is designed to help learners’ mental wellbeing through the use of mindfulness. For teachers, there are lesson plans available for all primary year groups which are linked to the national curriculum. All lesson plans have the necessary media resources ready and the children will not need their own tablet for the lessons.


Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

(Ages 2-5)

Breathe Think Do with Sesame AppDesigned with children’s favourite television characters, this interactive app is designed for nursery and KS1 children. Based on the “breathe, think, do” method, children help to de-stress the monster by learning how these three easy to follow steps can be used in their own lives. Individual games within the app teach children how to deal with everyday challenges such as ‘saying goodbye’ and ‘bedtimes’. Helpfully, there is also a parent section which provides tips and activities linked to the ‘breathe, think, do’ strategy and a function that allows the parent to personalise the app to their child.



(Ages 6-12)

Headspace appHeadspace is a thoughtfully designed app which can be used by both young and old. It is a great place for children to learn how both meditation and mindfulness can have a positive impact on their lives. It is especially helpful with stressful situations, such as bed times and changes in their lives. In addition to this, a reminder can be set at a particular time of the day to help children create a habit of daily self-reflection and growth.



(Ages 7-18)

DreamyKidd AppDreamyKid offers a large number of guided meditations, which can be selected for a number of reasons – trouble sleeping, anxiety and even coping with divorce.

It is easy to use and child-friendly, and it is best used before bedtime as the guided meditations and visualisations are perfect for falling asleep to.

DreamyKid also offers free packages for schools or organisations that work with children!


Positive Penguins

(Ages 4-11)

Positive Penguin AppPositive Penguins is designed for children – and children will enjoy the animated penguins. This app encourages children to recognise the different emotions they might be feeling and understand why. The guided meditation is easy to use and simply requires headphones and the tablet to use it.

Children create their own penguin character and will enjoy engaging with this character whenever using the app. Parents can decide whether they would like the app to notify the children twice a day to enter how they’re feeling. If this is not a positive emotion, the app uses a four-step process to allow the child to understand why they’re feeling like this and, crucially, how they can help themselves feel better in that moment.

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