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6 Great Employee Perks that Boost Productivity

It’s no secret that having happy employees makes for a more productive company – and having happy employees is simple right? As organisations battle to secure the best talent, broadening the employee benefits package remains a focus for employers. And, often, it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference.

While you might not be in the position of investing into your employees as much as international corporations such as Amazon or Google with their on-site gyms and free lunch policies, there’s still a lot you can do that’ll make a quality difference and offer your team valued employee perks.

1 – Company cars or a car scheme

If you have anyone driving as part of their job, it’s important that you provide them with everything they need to get that driving done safely and efficiently. Look at business car leasing to provide employees with new cars you are happy to have them represent you in.   For non-company car drivers, you could also offer an employee benefits car scheme so that they can choose their own vehicle and help them with personal contract hire to make sure they get the most out of the extra cash. A great car is one of the best employee perks.

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2 – Company laptop or tablet

Making sure each employee has the best equipment to do their work goes a long way towards happiness, productivity and loyalty. No one wants to come into the office and have to spend hours sitting in front of an ageing computer that spends more time pausing and hiccuping than it does smoothly working.

Offering a shining up-to-date laptop or PC is going to entice the young technophiles and satisfy the older professional equally.

With IT leasing you can easily get access to the latest technological employee perks for you and your staff without worrying about a huge capital investment or equipment depreciation.

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3 – A company phone contract

It’s good to keep business calls and personal calls separate and if you have employees who spend a lot of time in communication with clients, a company phone is the way to go. The desktop phone is going the way of the dinosaur, but that doesn’t mean that conversation is any less important at work. Don’t make your employees use their own phones – it’s messy, unprofessional and can potentially lead to legal problems in many cases.

Providing a company phone in many cases also means you are providing access to company infrastructure no matter where your employee is, helping them do their work and stay on the ball even when out of the office.

4 – Flexible working conditions

It’s not just about the equipment, but also about understanding how they can help improve productivity. Giving your employees the option to work from home at agreed times can help them in many ways – not only does it show a level of trust that will be reciprocated, but it also gives them an opportunity to better enjoy their work.

Working from home even once a week takes the strain and expense of that day’s commute away, can provide a little more rest and will lead to a more productive worker when they do come in to the office the rest of the time. This freedom ranks as one of the best employee perks you can offer.

With a laptop lease, or by providing a company tablet that’s all set up for seamless connectivity, you can provide your occasional at-home workers with everything they need to continue with collaborative projects from their home.

5 – The best working furniture

It’s too easy to assume that people will be happy with a basic desk and chair, but when you spend seven or more hours a day in one place, making sure that place is as comfortable and healthy as possible is important.

Talk to your employees about their physical needs and make sure you provide a set up that suits them and offers the best possible working posture. Look outside the box. For some, a standing position improves their working lives, and for others, taking ten minutes out in the break-room on a relaxing sofa is all that’s needed to refresh and awaken the afternoon.

6 – Your business product

So many companies overlook the fact that a great connection between the business and their employees is the product itself. Providing your employees with any product that you create or work with is a great way to get them to bond with the business. Samples of food from food companies, a chair for home from those who work in furniture, a personal selection of clothes from fashion labels and more are all great things for employees across the board.

With the cost to business a lot lower than the end customer price, these extra employee perks can mean a lot to your staff and be very affordable for the company.

Specialist schemes for employee benefits

Whether you are needing to fund a fleet of company cars or introduce an all employee personal leasing or salary sacrifice scheme, at Maxxia we have specialists available to help. Please contact us to find out more.

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