5 Types of Cyber-Attack and How to Combat Them

Pretty much everyone has heard of cyber-crime, hacking, malware, spyware etc at some point in their interaction with the internet, but what can these things really mean to the individual or organisation?

Quite a lot.

Being the victim of cyber-crime can result in a whole heap of trouble, ranging from annoying but pretty harmless right through to having your banking login and passwords stolen and used, or being held to ransom and blackmailed.

Sounds over-dramatic? No. Even […]

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6 Great Employee Perks that Boost Productivity

It’s no secret that having happy employees makes for a more productive company – and having happy employees is simple right? As organisations battle to secure the best talent, broadening the employee benefits package remains a focus for employers. And, often, it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference.

While you might not be in the position of investing into your employees as much as international corporations such as Amazon or Google with their […]

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Adoption of Leasing Models

We all like to have the latest equipment, especially in business. Being able to show you are at the cutting edge of technology can be very important – it encourages your employees and means you present well to clients. Not only that, but it gives you access to the advantages that top-end technology offers.

The potential financial outlay to keep at that cutting edge, however, can be staggering. Asset finance and equipment leasing […]

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Computer Leasing for Small Business: Does it Work?

Small business equipment leasing isn’t a new thing. Businesses have been renting machinery, vehicles and other ‘hard’ assets for many years. But what about computer leasing or other IT equipment and software leasing, some of the so-called ‘soft’ business assets?

Is it possible?

Is it financially sound?

Read on to find out.


Ok, so you’re a small business owner and you’re faced with a dilemma. You need state-of-the-art business computer equipment and software to progress the growth and […]

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How To Lease ICT Equipment For Your School

With school budgets being continually limited and reduced, it can be extremely tough to keep up with the demand for up-to-date ICT equipment. No educational establishment wants to develop a reputation for being behind with the times and yet with technology moving so fast, doing the best you can with a smaller budget is essential.

For this reason, computer leasing for schools is much in demand as when you rent you are not tying […]

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School Leasing: 5 Reasons to Lease Your School Technology

Technology is one of those things that is forever changing; what is new today may be out-of-date tomorrow.  Ideally, school technology  needs to always be current and you need to be confident that you are providing pupils with the best equipment, but it can be difficult to keep up the pace.

Keeping abreast of technology in schools can be expensive, particularly with things such as ICT where depreciation kicks in fast.  Within a few days […]

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11 Best Ways to Use a Tablet in the Classroom

With tablet leasing for schools becoming more popular, combined with the rise in innovative new educational technology (EdTech), students now have a wealth of tools and apps at their fingertips. Here is a selection of ideas for using tablets in the classroom in order to maximise learning and student engagement.

  1. 360 degree videos – think of this as basic virtual reality, working with a headset, browser or mobile device. It’s interactive, fun and enables […]

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Benefits of Leasing over Purchasing School Equipment

Whether you are thinking of replacing school technology,  a school minibus or other assets, the benefits of leasing are many when compared to purchasing.   Not only the capital cost of the purchase has to be taken into account, but also maintenance, flexibility, impact upon cash flow and the cost to upgrade in the future.

Benefits of leasing school equipment

Let’s begin by looking at just a few of the many benefits of leasing your school […]

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Global Cyber-Attack Reinforces Need for IT Security

A cyber-attack using WannaCry ransomware, which hit organisations in 150 countries around the world including the National Health Service in the UK, reinforces the need to keep computer hardware and software as up to date as possible.

Software giant, Microsoft, said the attack should be treated by governments around the world as a “wake-up call”, and blamed them for storing data on software vulnerabilities which could then be accessed by hackers.

It says the latest attack […]

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