A wide range of asset finance options

A range of asset finance options to suit your particular needs.

Contract Hire

Contract hire provides you with the use of a vehicle in return for a rental payment. You do not have the risk of fluctuations in future values when it comes to re-sale. Contract hire brings benefits to budgeting, cash flow and reduced administration.

Contract Purchase

An ideal choice for organisations that are wholly or partially VAT exempt. As far as the user is concerned, the operational structure of the agreement provides the same facilities as contract hire with the opportunity to either retain or return the asset at the end of the agreement. Read more about contract purchase.

Finance Lease

This is a leasing contract which allows the lessee to pay a rental for a period of time together with an opportunity to extend or return the asset. Read more about finance lease.

Hire / Lease Purchase

An agreement where goods are hired in return for payments that are structured to match your cash flow requirements, and where ownership will pass to you at the end of the term. Read more about hire purchase.

Operating Lease

This is normally used for high value or “big ticket” assets where an asset is not fully amortised during the period of the lease. You will not own the asset, although you have the use of it for an agreed period of time. Read more about operating lease.

Sale and Leaseback

Designed for companies that have traditionally chosen to purchase assets outright. This option enables the release of capital that is currently tied up. The equity can be re-invested in your business for the medium to long-term.


Do you have money tied up in your existing equipment? We can untie it and give it back to you under our various refinancing schemes. This will provide you with an immediate improvement in the operational cash flow of your business.