24 09, 2018

5 Ways Investing in Green Energy Could Help Your Business

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5 Ways Investing in Green Energy Could Help Your Business Go Green and Grow Your Business We hear a lot these days about going green, investing in green energy, green this and green that– but what does it all really mean for businesses and how can you use it to your advantage? It’s true that you probably can’t get your business energy completely from renewable sources at the moment, unless you have some method [...]

24 09, 2018

Why Offer Employee Benefits?

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Employee Benefit Schemes At one time, people left education, got a job and worked their way up through that company until they reached the level they wanted. It wasn’t unusual for employees to spend their entire working lives with the same employer. This often with minimal, or maybe no specific employee benefits to speak of. Believe it or not, that wasn’t so very long ago. Now, it is extremely rare [...]

12 09, 2018

Student iPad Scheme

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Case Study: Student iPad Lease Scheme How schools can help families spread the cost of the latest devices The advantages of using technology in the classroom are well recognised across the education sector. Tablets allow students to engage with the subject matter in a way that they find intuitive and interesting, while teachers benefit through better tracking of students’ progress and opportunities for greater group collaboration. Of course, there are cons too, not least [...]

27 07, 2018

Company Car Tax Take Goes Up As Number Of Drivers Falls

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Company Car Tax Take Goes Up As Number Of Drivers Falls The Government is raising record revenues from the company car market by imposing higher taxes on drivers - at the same time as the number of drivers actually falls. Provisional figures from HMRC for 2016/17, the latest year available, show that the amount the Treasury collected in company car tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs) increased by more than 24% year-on-year – up [...]

5 07, 2018

A Simplified Look At The Main IFRS 16 Changes

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How does IFRS 16 affect you? What is IFRS 16? IFRS 16 (International Financial Reporting Standard) is a new standard for lease accounting which will come into force in January 2019. It will replace the existing IAS 17 lease accounting standard. It’s been put together by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). At first glance, it’s a complicated piece of accounting legislation which could potentially be a nightmare to navigate. On closer examination, however, [...]

21 06, 2018

Pros and Cons of Technology in the Classroom

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Pros and Cons of Technology in the Classroom Technology in the classroom is ever increasing and yet parents and teachers are understandably cautious about the amount of screen time students are exposed to, as well as the initial and ongoing upgrade and maintenance costs. However, this technology use gives teachers the ability to easily track and assess students, less paper needs to be used and higher student engagement is gained. Looking just at these [...]

19 06, 2018

Contract Hire For Business – What are the Tax Implications?

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Contract Hire for Business – What are the Tax Implications? Leasing company cars and vans, rather than buying them outright, is now well established for businesses. It provides known, easily budgeted costs with no hidden surprises and predictable cash-flows. The most popular type of vehicle leasing for businesses is contract hire. It's a form of operational leasing which allows the end user or lessee to hire a car for a set period of time and [...]

18 06, 2018

Leasing iPads For Your School Could Be Cheaper Than Buying Them

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Leasing iPads For Your School Could Be Cheaper Than Buying Them Leasing iPads for your school rather than buying them outright makes good economic sense. When the inevitable hardware upgrades are released, you will not be forced to either buy the new models or start the backwards slide down the technology slope. At one time, schools may have been apprehensive about leasing iPads or other types of ICT equipment.  Now, however, they are much [...]

15 05, 2018

How To Lease ICT Equipment For Your School

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How To Lease ICT Equipment For Schools With school budgets being continually limited and reduced, it can be extremely tough to keep up with the demand for up-to-date ICT equipment. No educational establishment wants to develop a reputation for being behind with the times and yet with technology moving so fast, doing the best you can with a smaller budget is essential. For this reason, computer leasing for schools is much in demand as [...]

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