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Do You Have the Right School Equipment this Year?

Due to constant financial pressure on schools, it is not a surprise that schools are struggling to update their equipment to run new courses for each upcoming year. The DfE (Department for Education) and Ofsted (The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills) have piled on more pressure for schools in terms of league tables, student welfare and student progression. Whatever the course – be it Science, Maths, English, Computer Science or a plethora of other subjects – school equipment needs will have to be considered and this can swallow up a department budget quickly.

Why is it so important?

On average, secondary schools only have around 70% of the necessary equipment they require for each upcoming academic year. This places more pressure on schools, especially since the announcement from the DfE stating that schools are responsible for managing their own budgets.

Schools are responsible for sourcing the correct school equipment and providing it to their students, everything ranging from pencils to high-tech equipment. This can all eat into a school’s budget and may result in making cuts in other places, so that the right equipment can be sourced.

What school equipment should you consider?

Technology plays such a huge role in the national curriculum so, arguably, it should be the area to look at first. There is so much possible equipment to consider, but below we have compiled a list of most common equipment that schools have to regularly replace.


Ensuring that the school computer system runs quickly enough to handle the multiple tasks that are asked of it; to ensure that students work will not go missing if a computer suddenly freezes and shuts down – very common issues which out-of-date equipment can face.

Laptops & Tablets

Does your school have tablets for students to use? How about laptops? All of these need replacing fairly frequently, due to the demanding nature of new software and applications, plus simple wear and tear. Out of date technology needs more and more maintenance and becomes more nuisance than help.

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Interactive Whiteboards

If your school uses interactive whiteboards, you know the importance of the equipment being maintained and updated over time. It becomes virtually impossible to teach effectively if these tools don’t work properly.


Even though we strive for a smaller carbon footprint, it is still very commonplace for schools to print thousands of pieces of paper per day. Whether this is from the reprographics department, or from students and staff printing out coursework or other important materials, an up-to-date printer, copier and scanner are of great importance. Not only do new models provide a better economical output in terms of electricity usage, but good technological enhancements allow for newer models to print out more pages for less ink use, and less maintenance should be needed.

SEN Devices

Every school will need some Special Educational Needs (SEN) provision and as such will require more equipment. Schools may have to provide a laptop for a student who has damaged their hand and can’t write, for example, or have to source specialist equipment for those students who can’t access education as easily as the rest of us. Specialist SEN equipment is expensive and at times is only needed on a temporary basis, especially if a student has a rare condition that will only come around once in a while for your school.

How can we help?

At Maxxia we can help to take the pressure off your funding and save you money over time. We can lease you the school equipment needed or to help you make some improvements. We’re experts in the field of leasing for schools and can guide you through the process from start to finish.

Whether you are a local authority-run school, an academy, private school, further education college or university – we can work with you to meet your needs. Click here for more information and let us help you to provide your students with what they need, while not having to spend all of your precious budget in one area.

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