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As schools move from textbooks to tablets, school iPad leasing grows

Technological advances in the ever-expanding field of digital devices have become a part of daily life, both in the office and at home. With a record 17 million iPads sold between July and September last year alone, it’s no surprise that technology is becoming more prolific in the classroom too. In fact, many classrooms are increasingly keen to wave good bye to traditional pen, paper and textbooks and welcome in newer and higher-tech ways of teaching and learning with the aid of school leasing.

With the advent of new technology comes new ways to interact, learn and develop. In fact, many educators and experts believe tablets could be the next big thing in education, turning traditional beliefs about learning on their head. A recent survey commissioned by Encyclopaedia Britannica found that 40 percent of parents saw a marked improvement in their child’s school results after downloading just one educational app to an electronic device. This is not surprising given the move towards exploration of the digital world from an increasingly young age – an American survey found that a massive 84.3 percent of 5-9 year olds used computers at home, at school or both.

The quick response and ease of use that tablets like the iPad employ make them no-fuss tools for children to use, both at home and within a classroom environment. The portable nature of the devices mean that the set up time is kept to a minimum and with no cables, larger desks, screens or printers required, there is no need for the equipment to be housed in a special IT suite or tied to just one classroom. By becoming mobile, learning can be delivered anytime, anywhere, which can help to make lessons more meaningful for students.

Pleckgate High School in Blackburn is just one school that is already embracing the trends towards tablets. Head teacher Cherry Ridgeway announced last week that all of her 1200 pupils would receive an iPad Mini as part of an effort to improve the school’s academic results. Mrs Ridgeway told The Telegraph that giving students an iPad Mini was helping to “…bridge the gap between the classroom and home study”. She also cited a desire to equip students with skills that would serve them well in the real world and help them to develop independent study capabilities. In her announcement to parents, the head teacher said the school had been prompted to use tablets after recognising that modern students learnt and engaged better with modern methods, prompting greater levels of student achievement.

A number of other schools around the UK are following suit, though most will deploy limited numbers of tablets due to the cost of purchasing a tablet such as an iPad or iPad mini outright. For those without a budget to do so, school iPad leasing is an affordable and flexible solution.

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